Highlights in Medicine

Highlights in Medicine is an annual alumni conference and reunion hosted by the College of Medicine Alumni Association. 

2021 Highlights in Medicine Conference and Reunion

Early bird registration is open! 

Please join us for this special two-day event on August 27 and 28 to reunite with fellow alumni, share in good times and engage with the College of Medicine community. You will have an opportunity to listen to dynamic speakers covering a wide array of topics that represent the diversity of the college. 

All alumni from the College of Medicine are invited to attend, so long as they have an active membership in the Alumni Association.



Each year's Highlights in Medicine Conference features lectures to educate alumni on current and emerging topics in medicine.

Alumni Association Lecture

Primary purpose: Honours a member of one of the honoured classes invited to reunion. Speaks at conference for about 45 minutes

Who chooses speaker? Scientific (Class Rep) Committee for conference makes a recommendation to Board of Directors

Year of first lecture: 1987

Clara and Frank Gertler Lecture in the College of Medicine

Primary purpose: To support the cost of lectureship activities that relate to the College of Medicine and strategic directions of the College. Topic shall related to current strategic directions of the College and be supportive of and linked to current health and medical trends.

Who chooses speaker? The Chair of the Lectureship Committee shall be appointed by the Dean of Medicine. Committee should include community based faculty member, fulltime faculty physician, Associate Dean of Research or designate and undergraduate medical student. 

Year of first lecture: 2005

Betty-Ann and Wade Heggie Lecture in Integrative Medicine

Primary purpose: To support the cost of lectures, and/or other delivery methods, to provide continuing education opportunities for faculty, residents and practitioners in the field of complementary and alternative medicine.

Who chooses speaker? The Lectureship Committee will be appointed by the Dean, College of Medicine in consultation with the Program Director within Complementary and Alternative Medicine or its successor program

Year of first lecture: 2008

Dr. Anita Chakravarti Lecture in Wellness

Dr. Chakravarti is a university professor and retired anesthesiologist working in health and wellness promotion. She is CEO of [M]POWER Mindful Professional Practice, offering seminars and workshops on mindful practice as a catalyst for individual, organizational and global change. Dr. Chakravarti is also a past president of the College of Medicine Alumni Association.

Primary purpose: To support the cost of an annual lectureship that empowers healthcare and human services professionals to develp their personal health and wellbeing in the context of their workplace and community. This lectureship will be open to all of the health sciences professionals and students on campus as well as people from the public with an interest in health and wellness. 

Who chooses speaker? Highlights committee/Medicine Alumni Board to present candiate to the Dean for approval

Year of first lecture: 2015


Knuckle Cup Hockey Game

Join us for this annual medical students vs. alumni showdown! The winning team takes home the coveted Knuckle Cup.

knucklecup18.jpg knucklecup18-3.jpg

Medsters Golf Tournament

Grab your clubs and hit the links for a fun-filled day of golf. This annual tournament is a fun social event for Saskatchewan doctors, medical students, alumni and friends.


Alumni Receptions

Alumni receptions to provide our graduates with an opportunity to connect with fellow alumni, meet college leaders, and discuss the future of your college.

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