Alumni Association Board

2020-21 Board of Directors

President: Dr. Terry Zlipko (MD’74)
Past President: Dr. Craig Hubbard (MD'68)
Young Alumni Consultant: Dr. Adam McInnes (MD'15)
Highlights Reunion Consultant: Dr. Charlie Simpson (MD'71)
Class Rep Recruitment and Nominations: Dr. Craig Hubbard (MD'68)

Dr. Wayne Clarke (MD'72) 
Dr. Steve Sanche (MD'90)
Dr. Del Haug (MD'69)
Dr. Karen Shaw (MD'83) 
Dr. Stella Blackshaw (University of Manitoba)
Dr. Donna Skwarchuk (MD'93)

Dr. Preston Smith, Dean, College of Medicine 
Student Medical Society of Saskatchewan Senior Representative: Shaylin Pillay (Class of 2023)