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Immunization requirements for medical students

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General information

  • The University of Saskatchewan requires that all students attending a Health Science College provide documented proof of immunization
  • Completion of these requirements is mandatory and are not subject to accommodations for philosophical reasons
  • Completion of the immunization requirements is the responsibility of the student as well as any associated costs. Most immunizations are covered by your Provincial Health card, with the exception of the Two Step Tuberculin skin test, which will cost $80 payable by cash or cheque at your first visit
  • CONSENT:  Immunization records and/or serology results will be shared with your College and clinical placements throughout your studies as required – this is to ensure your safety and the safety of your clients.  You are required to sign a consent form to authorize sharing of this information

Immunization instructions for students entering year 1

  1. Review the Specific Immunization Requirements (see below)
  2. Locate your childhood and adult immunization records.  If you do not have these records, contact your Public Health Unit or Family Doctor. 
  3. Set up an appointment with Student Health Services:

Student Health Services
Place Riel Student Centre, 4th Floor
University of Saskatchewan
1 Campus Drive
Saskatoon, SK
S7N 5A3

For appointments or immunization review inquiries: (306) 966-5768

You may choose to see your Family Physician to begin and/or complete your immunization review, but you are still required to have an appointment with Student Health Services to ensure all requirements have been met

  1. You will have your Two Step Tuberculin skin test (TST) at your first visit at Student Health
  2. Sign the consent that is attached and bring it with you to your first appointment
  3. Failure to complete your Immunizations (certain exceptions apply) before the first day of Orientation on AUGUST 9, 2017 will mean you will not be able to participate in any hospital or clinic experiences. 

Specific immunization requirements

Tetanus/Diphtheria (Td):

  • Primary series of 3-5 doses, then a booster every 10 years


  • Primary series and adults are encouraged to have a Td booster with the pertussis component once in their adult lifetime.  This is mandatory in the College of Medicine


  • Primary series, booster if travelling in endemic areas

Measles, mumps, rubella:

  • Documented proof of vaccination with 2 doses of measles, mumps and rubella OR by Proof of immunity by serological evidence (please attach)

Tuberculin skin test (TST): 

  • Two step TST (to be done at Student Health), followed by annual one step TST
  • If there is a history of a positive Tuberculin, a CXR is required

Hepatitis B:
Documentation of an age-appropriate 2 or 3 dose HB series and adequate serologic antibodies (anti-HBs greater than or equal to 10.0 mIU/ml);
Serological evidence of previous Hep B infection (HBsAg, anti-HBs, anti-HBc) MEDICAL students must have Hepatitis B antibody AND antigen test, to determine who may be chronic carriers of the Hepatitis B virus.  (It is possible that approx. 5 % of chronic carriers will be positive for anti-HBs and HBsAg ) Abnormal serology results to be referred to Family Dr. or Nurse Practitioner.

Students who are HBsAg positive must familiarize themselves with their school policy.

Varicella (Chickenpox)

  • Serological evidence of immunity (please attach) OR proof of two doses  of varicella vaccination


  • Recommended annually (mandatory for some programs – check your College policy)