Undergraduate Medical Education - Saskatoon office

The UGME office administers the undergraduate M.D. program in the College of Medicine.

Individual contacts

Associate Dean, Undergraduate Medical Education Dr. Patricia Blakley 306-966-6150   
Assistant Dean, Academic Dr. Meredith McKague 306-966-2750
Assistant Dean, Curriculum Dr. Regina Taylor-Gjevre
Assistant Dean, Quality Dr. Athena McConnell 306-844-1273
Manager, Undergraduate Medical Education       Ms. Sherry Pederson 306-966-6142
Administrative Coordinator, Senior Dr. Sara Dzaman 306-966-6946
Executive Team Secretary                  Ms. Loreen Trautmann 306-966-8556
Clerical Support, Assistant Dean, Curriculum Ms. Sarah Bentley 306-966-5445
Canadian Electives Coordinator Ms. Janine Corbett 306-655-5004
International Electives Coordinator (See Regina Site) Ms. Yvonne Bloos 306-766-3791
Curriculum Integration and Evaluation Ms. Cheryl Pfeifer 306-966-6138
Clerical Support, Educational Software TBA
Assessment Specialist Dr. Joshua Lloyd 306-966-8906
Curriculum Specialist Ms. Amanda Stalwick 306-966-4703
Program Evaluation Specialist Ms. Krista Trinder 306-966-5917
Clerical Assistant, Program Evaluation Ms. Myrna Foth 306-966-8435
Clerical Assistant, Student Affairs and Career Advising& Mentoring Ms. Sara Bryson 306-966-7275
Receptionist Mr. Dwayne Kinniewess 306-966-3240
Clerical Support, Budgets Ms. Karen Amundson 306-966-8809
Aboriginal Coordinator Ms. Valerie Arnault-Pelletier 306-966-5901
Clerical Assistant to Aboriginal Coordinator Ms. Louise Ferguson 306-966-7909
Chair, Year 1 Dr. Greg Malin 306-966-6216
Chair, Year 2 Dr. Schaana Van de Kamp 306-966-6310
Preclerkship Administrative Coordinator Ms. Ashley McNabb 306-966-7202
Clerical Support, Year 1 Ms. Danya Iwabuchi
Clerical Support, Year 2 Ms. Kimberly Basque 306-966-6151
Chair, Year 3 Dr. Joelle McBain
Chair, Year 4 Dr. Jessie Baptiste
Co-Directors, Year 5 Dr. Jessie Baptiste/Dr. Bindu Nair 306-966-7693
Saskatoon Clerkship Site Coordinator, Year 3 Dr. Schaana Van de Kamp 306-966-6310
Administrative Coordinator, Clerkship Ms. Carolyn Blushke 306-966-7693
Clerical Support, Clerkship Ms. Jessica Hicke 306-966-8828