Picture of Dr. Gary Groot

Dr. Gary Groot PhD, MD, FRCS(C), FACS Faculty, General Surgery & Community Health and Epidemiology, Clinical Professor

Research Areas

  • Clinical Quality Improvement
  • Health Services Research
  • Implementation Science
  • Indigenous and Health Equity Research
  • Realist Research
  • Community-based Research

About Dr. Gary Groot

Gary is a clinical co-lead with the Ministry of Health’s appropriateness program, Director of Surgical Oncology at the University of Saskatchewan, and member of the national quality committee of both the Canadian Partnership against Cancer and the American Head and Neck Association. Gary also holds the Chair of the Equity Advisory Committee with the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer (CPAC).  

In these roles he bridges the evolving needs of the health care system with his research interests.

Faculty, Community Health and Epidemiology

Clinical Interests

  • General Surgical Oncology including head and neck, melanoma, sarcoma, breast and thyroid oncology

Selected Publications

  • Carr TL, Groot G, Cochran D, Holtslander L. Patient Information Needs and Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy: a Qualitative  Meta-Synthesis. Cancer Nursing. 2018 April 27.
  • Goodridge D, Rana M Harrison EL, Rotter T, Dobson R. Groot G, Udod S, Lloyd J. Assessing the Implementation Processes of a Large-scale, Multi-year Quality Improvement Initiative: a Survey of Health Care Providers. BMC Health Serv Res. 2018 Apr 3;18 (1): 237
  • Carr TL, Groot G, Cochran D, Vancoughnett M. Holtslander L. Exploring Women's Support Needs After Breast Reconstruction Surgery: a Qualitative Study. Cancer Nursing. 2018 Feb 27. Epub 2018 Feb 27
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  • Gu J, Groot G, Boden C, Busch A, Holtslander L, Lim H. Review of Factors Influencing Women’s Choice of Mastectomy Versus Breast Conserving Therapy in Early Stage Breast Cancer: A Systematic Review. Clinical Breast Cancer. January 2018.
  • Kim, C., Liang, L., Wright, F.C., Look Hong N, Groot G, Helyer L, Meiers P, Quan M, Urquhart R, Warburton R, Gagliardi A. Interventions are Needed to Support Patient-provider Decision-making for DCIS: a Scoping Review. Breast Cancer Research adn Treatment. 2018 Apr;168(3): 579-592. Epub 2017 Dec 23
  • Davies, G., Lobanova, L., Dawicki, W., Groot, G., Gordon, J. R., Bowen, M., … Arnason, T. (2017). Metformin inhibits the development, and promotes the resensitization, of treatment-resistant breast cancerPLoS ONE12(12), e0187191. 
  • Liu, B., Jana, K., Groot, G. (2017). Can a supervised algorithmic assessment of men for prostate cancer improve the quality of care? A retrospective evaluation of a prostate assessment pathway in Saskatchewan. Canadian Urological Association Journal. 11:S201 Co-Author, Accepted, Canadian Urological Association
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  • Gu, J., Groot, G., Holtstander, L., Engler-Stringer, R.(2017). Understanding Women’s Choice of Mastectomy Versus Breast Conserving Therapy in Early-Stage Breast Cancer. Clinical Medicine Insights: Oncology. 11:1-7. Co-Author. Published, SAGE.
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