Picture of Dr. D. Keegan

Dr. D. Keegan BA, MD, FRCPC Emeritus Professor Psychiatry


Dr. Keegan joined the Department in 1971, and served for 33 years. Dr. Keegan served as Department Head from (1983-1994), as Acting Head (2001-02), and as the first Joint Head of the University of Saskatchewan and Saskatoon Health Region’s Departments of Psychiatry (2003-2004).

Dr. Keegan’s area of expertise was in the early diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with psychosis, and interface of Psychiatry and Medicine (Psychosomatic Medicine). He had a very busy clinical practice, and was highly regarded as a clinician and a teacher. He developed the Early Intervention Program for Psychosis, and published 69 papers in refereed journals, 13 of these in the five-year period of 1999-2004.

Dr. Keegan devoted his energy and skills to the promotion of Psychiatry and psychiatric services, and has done exceptional work as an administrator. This is reflected in his being the recipient of many national and international awards: The National Distinguished Service Award, Canadian Mental Health Association, 1990; Award for Outstanding Contributions to Rehabilitation, 1996; Distinguished Life Fellow, American Psychiatric Association, 2003.

Since his retirement, Dr. Keegan has remained active in Department of Psychiatry as a promoter of research, quality care and shared care. Dr. Keegan also works in a family practice clinic on a part-time basis and embodies shared psychiatric care in that capacity. He continues to be the Editor of the College of Medicine Alumni magazine. Since retirement he has been acknowledged by an Award for Recognition of Clinical Excellence from the Canadian Mental Health Association and Schizophrenia Society, the Centennial Commemorative Medal from the Government of Saskatchewan for outstanding volunteerism, leadership and community involvement, and the President’s Commendation for Leadership in Psychiatry in Saskatchewan.