Picture of Dr. R. Bowen

Dr. R. Bowen BSc, MD, FRCPC, CM (McGill) Emeritus Professor Psychiatry


Dr. Bowen joined the Department in 1973 and served for 45 years. His passion for the practice of psychiatry reflected in his longstanding dedication to evidence-based clinical practice and education. He was a pioneer psychiatrist in the use of cognitive behavioral techniques to treat anxiety and mood disorders, which is now the standard for specialty practice.

Dr. Bowen is a dedicated clinician mentor with a legacy of practicing and promoting critical thinking, superior practice, ethical behavior, education and research. He was the Director of Postgraduate education from 1977-82, active in COPE, CPA Education Liaison, and Royal College Specialty Committee from 1975-89.

Dr. Bowen was appointed Clinical Director of the Inpatient Unit at Royal University Hospital in 1990. He worked to develop guidelines to help reduce the length of stay — recognized by the SMA with a Quality Improvement Award in 1993. He was Department Head from 1994-2001, was awarded the Small Indiana Professorship, and has served as the Department’s Clinical Research Director and Resident Research Support for the last eight years.
Dr. Rudy Bowen Mood Disorders Fund

Dr. Bowen’s clinical service, dedicated patient care and pioneering research have created an inspiring legacy. The Dr. Rudy Bowen Mood Disorders Fund was established in 2018 as a named fun within the Royal University Hospital’s Communication Mental Health Endowment (CMHE). The primary purpose of the fund is to finance research on mood disorders and anxiety or new program development by clinicians from the Department of Psychiatry or Saskatchewan Health Authority Mental Health & Addiction group. To donate to the fund, please contact the Royal University Hospital Foundation: (306) 655-1984 or info@ruhf.org.