Picture of Dr. W. Walz

Dr. W. Walz Dipl.-Biol., Dr. rer. nat. (KONSTANZ) Emeritus Professor Psychiatry


Dr. Walz joined the Department of Psychiatry in 2009 and served for 11 years. His first faculty position at this University was in 1983 in Pharmacology and later in Physiology. He served as Physiology Department Head from 1999-2008. While he was a researcher in Psychiatry, he was also an Associate Member of the Physiology department.

Dr. Walz’s research focused on the role of brain satellite cells (astrocytes and microglia) in health and disease. During his time in the Department of Psychiatry he developed a rat model of lacunar infarction (small vessel stroke). He also published a textbook “Integrative Physiology in the Proteomics and Post-Genomics Age”. He continues to serve as Series Editor for the Neuromethods Book Series by Springer Nature and as member of the editorial board of Neurochemical Research.

During his tenure at the University he was an MRC Scholar, MRC Scientist and in 1991-92 a Humboldt Visiting Professor at the University of Heidelberg.