Picture of Dr. Mohamed Elemary

Dr. Mohamed Elemary MD, MSc, PhD Professor Hematological Oncology

Director of the Stem Cell Transplant Program at the Saskatoon Cancer Centre - Provincial Disease Site Group Chair for Myeloid Malignancies - Professor at the College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan

Saskatoon Cancer Centre, 20 campus drive, Saskatoon SK


I am a Hematologist and Director of the Stem Cell Transplant Program at the Saskatoon Cancer Centre. I am also a Professor at the College of Medicine and an Adjunct Professor at the College of Graduate Studies and Research, University of Saskatchewan.

I graduated from the School of Medicine, Cairo University in 1993. I received residency training in internal medicine followed by a residency in hematology and fellowship in bone marrow transplants, last was at Princess Margaret Hospital, University of Toronto. I joined the Saskatoon Cancer Centre in 2010.

My main interest is in the treatment of malignant hematology, mainly Leukemia, MDS, Multiple Myeloma, and Lymphoma in addition to Stem Cell Transplant.

In addition to patient care, I am interested in clinical research and is the principal investigator of many clinical trials for hematological malignancies and stem cell transplant.

I have more than 60 publications in peer-reviewed journals, conference abstracts, and authored book chapters. I gave many presentations to peers at the national level and international levels.

I am an associate editor, a manuscript reviewer, and a member of the editorial board in many peer-reviewed journals.

I am member of the educational committee and Board of Directors "Secretary" of the Cell Therapy Transplant Canada (CTTC). I am also a member of the Canadian Leukemia Study Group and Canadian Stem Cell Transplant Expert Committee.

Selected Publications

Selected Publications:  

  • Elemary, M., Moodley, O., Pearson, D., Goubran, H. (2020). Chapter 5 – Cancer- Associated Thrombosis (CAT). Precision Anticoagulation Medicine – A Practical Guide. Springer, Switzerland.
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