College of Medicine


Dr. Eswedi is a hematologist and assistant professor in the College of Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan.  He  obtained his medical degree from Tripoli university, college of Medicine, Libya. He completed training in Internal Medicine and Hematology in the UK.  He worked as a consultant hematologist in the UK until moving to Canada in September 2017 where he has been practicing as a hematologist with the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency to date.  Dr. Eswedi practices both benign and malignant Hematology.

Selected Publications

  • Infusion of rituximab over 90 minutes on an out-patient basis is safe and improves resource utilization. MR El-Agnaf, C McCoy, YLOng, A Eswedi, B Black, KM Ramadan (2007). Leukemia and Lymphoma, 48(9): 1876-1877.
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  • A retrospective analysis of correction studies in all patients with a prolonged activated partial thromboplastin time within the Belfast health and social care trust over a 3 year period. S Lawless, G Benson, H Eswedi, M Mohsin, A Morris, B Merron, A Niblock, R Brockbank, C McCauley, C Bradford, C McConville, M Bridgham. British Journal of Hematology, 2016. Conference publication.
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