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Quinten is an Emergency Medicine Physician, Clinician Educator, and Program Director of the Royal College Emergency Medicine Residency Program. He is currently pursuing a Masters of Medical Education degree through the University of Dundee.

Selected Publications

Articles Published in Peer Reviewed Journals

Paterson QS, Hartmann R, Woods R, Martin LJ, Thoma B. A transparent and defensible process for applicant selection within a Canadian emergency medicine residency program. CJEM. 2020 Mar;22(2);215-223.

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Article Published in Peer Reviewed Conference Proceedings

Shrestha R, Trask C, Lanovaz J, Paterson Q, Dinh A. Lab-based validation of an occupational kneeling sensor. In: Proceedings of the Association of Canadian Ergonomists 44th Annual Conference; 2013 Oct 8-10; Whistler, BC.
Published eBook Section

Paterson QS, Olszynski P. Student’s Corner Kidneys & Hydronephrosis Anatomy and Physiology [video]. In: Socransky S, Wiss R, editors. Essentials of Point-Of-Care Ultrasound [Internet]. Version 1.3. 2016.

Published Podcasts

Radomske, D., Scheirer, O., & Paterson, Q.S. (2022, April 1). CRACKCast E231 – Genitourinary System. CanadiEM.

Articles Published in Peer Reviewed Blogs

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