Picture of Dr. James Stempien

Dr. James Stempien BSc, MD, FCFP, CCFP-EM, CCPE Provincial Department Head Emergency Medicine


Dr. James Stempien completed his medical school University of Toronto in 1984.  His first job was as a GP anaesthetist in Inuvik in 1986 and then spent the next ten years working in northern Canada and isolated areas internationally.  Dr. Stempien has been working in Saskatoon as the head of Emergency Medicine since 2007 and has been the Interim Provincial Head since 2016. He lives on an acreage just east of the city with his wife, 3 children, 20 chickens, and 4 hives of bees.

Dr. Stempien is interested in quality improvement and patient centered research.  As Provincial Head, he is looking towards a provincial approach for quality care and system improvement.


  • Canadian College of Family Physicians – Emergency Medicine CCFP-EM
    Certification, 1998
  • College of Family Physicians of Canada - CCFP
    Certification, 1997
  • Anaesthesia Residency Program, Year 1
    Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. Johns, Newfoundland, 1985 - 1986
  • Rotating Internship
    St. Joseph’s Health Centre, Toronto, ON, 1984 - 1985
  • Doctor of Medicine (MD)
    University of Toronto Medical School, Toronto, ON, 1984
  • Bachelor of Science
    University of Western Ontario, London, ON, 1980

Professional Development

  • AIME - Certified Instructor Since 2006
  • ACLS - Medical Director, Instructor Since 2003
  • ATLS - Instructor Since 2006
  • PALS - Medical Director, Instructor since 2006
  • CCFP EM - Completed 1998, Examiner Annually Since 2000
  • EDE - Emergency Department Echo
  • Independent Practitioner 2003, Master Instructor, Course Organizer

Professional Awards & Appointments

  • University of Saskatchewan Clinical Associate Professor, 2015
  • University of Saskatchewan Clinical Assistant Professor, 2008 - 2015
  • LEAN Leader Training Certificate 2013
  • FRCP SR EM Teacher of the Year 2013
  • Canadian Certificate of Physician Executive, CCPE, 2012
  • Ground Ambulance Advisor, Saskatoon Health Region March, 2012
  • College of Physicians & Surgeons of Saskatchewan Discipline Committee, 2012  
  • CAEP Bylaws Committee Chair 2011 - present  
  • Fellow of the College of Family Physicians of Canada, FCFP, 2009
  • Medical Advisor for Yukon Territorial Government, 2004 (April / May)
  • University of British Columbia Faculty, Clinical Instructor, 2003 - 2007
  • Medical Alumni Toronto Award for Pediatrics, 1984
  • Commonwealth Foundation Scholarship, 1983
  • Saskatoon Health Region – Emergency Medicine Department Head, CCPE - Canadian Certificate of Physician Executive, STARS Flight Physician, ACLS/ATLS Instructor

Selected Publications

Selected Publications

  • Betz M, Stempien J, Wilde A, Bryce R, A Comparison of a formal scoring system and a quick-look triage approach: European Journal of Emergency Medicine 2015, 00:0000-000
  • Stempien J, (2014) Don’t overthink it: There’s no right answer. In Chan, Thoma, and Lin’s (Editors) Medical Education in Cases: Volume 1 (1st Edition) San Francisco, CA; Academic Life in Emergency Medicine. ISBN: 978-0-99907948-0-6
  • Leswick D, Mohr K, Stempien J. (2014) Radiological errors in the Canadian Journal of Emergency Medicine - accepted by CJEM, Sept / Oct.
  • Schull M, Hatcher C, Gutmann, Chad A, Vermeulen M, Row B, Anderson G, Zwarenstein M, Stempien J, (2010) (member of steering committee) Development for a consensus on evidence based quality of care indicators for Canadian emergency departments, ICES investigative report
  • Stempien J, Betz M (2009) A prospective study of students and instructors opinions on advanced cardiac life support teaching methods. CJEM; 11(1):57-63

Oral and Poster Presentations

  • Lenartowicz M, Steeg J, Stempien J, (CAEP, Edmonton, 2015) The Utility of a Standardized Tool to Identify High Risk Older Adults in the ED: A Pilot Project, CAEP
  • Stempien J, Baliski R, Blue G, Blair T, (Vancouver 2015) Why Did You Leave? Phoning Back LWBS Patients to Understand Their ED Experience
  • Stempien J, (Edmonton 2014) Johnson K, Blair T, Blue G, Fast G and Tustonic V, Emergency Department Waits and Patient Flow Initiative Implementation Coordination with Provincial LEAN Strategy, WEDOC 
  • Schmid J. Blue G, Blair T and Stempien J, (Edmonton 2014) Benefits of Daily Visual Management (DVM) in Saskatoon Emergency Departments: Managing and Improving Daily Work, Enhancing Safety Culture and Driving Improvements, WEDOC 
  • Ferguson J, Stempien J, Blair T, Johnson K and Blue G, (Edmonton 2014) Decreasing Lead Time for CTU Consults from the Emergency Department, WEDOC
  • Trivedi S, Wilde A, Betz M, Stempien J, (Ottawa 2014) A Determination of Pre-Triage Wait Time in Two Busy Acute Care EDs and Comparison to CTAS Recommendations. College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan Student Research Day October 16, 2013, CAEP
  • Plint C, Stang A, Calder I and Stempien J, (Vancouver 2013) et al, Research Priorities for Patient Safety Research in Emergency Medicine: Consensus-Based Recommendations, Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians Conference
  • Stempien J, Betz M and Wilde A, (Vancouver 2013) Comparison of a Triage Method Based on Vital Signs and Quick Look Only to Traditional Use of the CTAS, University of Saskatchewan Emergency Resident Research Day, Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians Annual Conference
  • Stempien J, Simonar P, Blair T, Smith J and Blue G, (Calgary 2013) Improving Patient Flow and Efficiency in Saskatoon Health Region Emergency Services Using LEAN Methodology and Rapid Process Improvement Workshops, WEDOC
  • Blue G, Stempien J, Simonar P, Blair T and Smith J, (Calgary 2013) Reduction in Lead Time for CTAS 3,4,5 Patients From do to Doctor in Saskatoon City Hospital Emergency Department, WEDOC
  • Smith J, Blair T, Stempien J and Simonar P, (Calgary 2013) Reduction of Lead Time for CTAS 3,4,5 Patients Requiring Next Day CT or US at Royal University Hospital Emergency Department, WEDOC
  • Woods, Wahba, Beh, and Stempien, (Calgary 2013) Emergency Physician Staffing: Matching Resources to Patient Demand, WEDOC
  • Betz M, Stempien J. A Determination of Pre-Triage Wait Time in Two Busy Acute Care EDs and Comparison to CTAS Recommendations University of Saskatchewan - 2012 Summer Student Grant, $4800, Stempien J, Betz M, Wilde A, Comparison of a Triage Method Based on Vital Signs and Quick Look Only to Traditional Use of the CTAS Score
  • Saskatoon Health Region - 2009 Summer Student Grant, $8000.00, Crowder K, Lalani NJ, Stempien J, Woods R, The Development of a CanMEDS Based Multi-source Feedback Tool for Practicing Emergency Physicians