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Dr. Hein Lamprecht obtained his medical degree in Cape Town, South Africa. Moved across to Blighty to complete his emergency medicine (EM) residency training in Edinburgh, Scotland a very long, long time ago. Thereafter he returned to Cape Town where he worked in a low resourced, ludicrous busy and high acuity emergency department until July 2023 when he relocated across the pond to Regina.

During his time in Cape Town, he established the (first in Africa) point-of-care ultrasound training program for EM at both local universities. This expanded to become the national South African College of Emergency Medicine training program which further expanded to neighbouring countries and eventually to the rest of Africa via the African Federation of Emergency Medicine (AFEM). He was a member of the original group of founders of AFEM and the African Journal of Emergency Medicine (AfJEM) where he still is an associate editor. He was a founding member of the International Federation of Emergency Medicine (IFEM) Ultrasound Special Interest Group of which he became vice-chair in 2016. He has a special interest in infectious diseases ultrasound (especially HIV and TB co-infection) which was eventually included in many African counties’ training programs given their heavy disease burden.

On the side he completed his PhD, lead international multi sited randomized controlled clinical trials, international research and education collaborations, research publications, international clinical guidelines, and keynote talks at international conferences. These side hustles were rewarded in 2019 when he was bestowed with the American Academy of Emergency Medicine International Emergency Medicine Leadership award.

He currently works in Regina as an EM physician and a STARS transport physician. He was awarded research FTEs by the Department of Emergency Medicine. His new goal is to establish a research nidus and to provide support to new (and old) researchers in Regina.


  • MD (MBChB) – Stellenbosch University, Cape Town, South Africa
  • FRCEM – Fellow of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine, United Kingdom
  • FCEM – Fellow of the College of Emergency Medicine of South Africa
  • PhD – Doctor of Philosophy in Emergency Medicine, Stellenbosch University, Cape Town, South Africa
  • A (U.K.) – Diploma in Anaesthesia, Royal College of Anaesthetists, United Kingdom
  • CFEU (U.K.) – Certificate of Focussed Emergency Ultrasound, Royal College of Emergency Medicine, United Kingdom

Selected Publications

For a full list of publications, please view Dr. Lamprecht’s Google Scholar Page