Picture of Dr. AJ Donauer

Dr. AJ Donauer MD TBD Emergency Medicine


AJ, which stands for Andrew Jordan, started out as a nickname from his parents, but it’s stood the test of time. He is a home grown Saskatonian who did most of his schooling, undergrad and residency training in Saskatoon; but he doesn’t let that stop him from leaving the continent for Hawaii or trips through Europe when he finds the time. He has a lovely wife who is a hairstylist and kept him looking good through Covid when others struggled through home haircut attempts. He also has a new 2 month old daughter with the blondest hair you’ve ever seen, who is also a little "AJ". When he isn’t smashing through textbooks in the winter, he spends his summers as an avid disc golfer, paddle boarder, basketball player, and sushi eater.