College of Medicine


Appointed to University of Saskatchewan 1977.

Contributions to Respiratory Medicine: Implemented high volume, low pressure endotracheal tubes for Respiratory Intensive Care patients; added the effect of sleep on breathing and obstructive sleep apnea to the curriculum for second year medical students; implemented ambulatory supplementary oxygen therapy for home management of COPD; pioneered nighttime ventilation for patients with respiratory failure secondary to kyphoscoliosis; identified and treated Saskatchewan’s first patient with obstructive sleep apnea; developed in collaboration with neurology the initial diagnostic capacity for identification of sleep apnea; pioneered directly observed therapy for Saskatchewan patients with TB and TB infection, the first jurisdiction in North America to provide this service; pioneered mobile TB clinics for Saskatchewan in collaboration with Health Canada, Saskatchewan Region.


  • Fellowship Immunology of Tuberculosis and Related Diseases British Medical Research Council
  • FRCPC Respiratory Diseases
  • FRCPC Internal Medicine
  • General Medicine training University of Toronto
  • Respiratory Specialty training University of Toronto
  • Doctor of Medicine University of Manitoba


Faculty Appointments

  • Assistant/Associate/Professor Respiratory Medicine 1977-88.
  • Chair Respiratory Systems teaching for 2nd year students
  • JURSI Program Coordinator Department of Medicine
  • Medical Director Intensive Care Unit
  • Chair Respiratory Training Program
  • Head Department of Medicine
  • Acting Head Division Respiratory, Critical Care & Sleep Medicine

Professional Association/Administrative/Community Contributions

  • President Saskatchewan Thoracic Society
  • Board of Directors Canadian Thoracic Society
  • Chair Technical Working Group for Home Respiratory Therapy, SAIL, Saskatchewan Health
  • Medical Director Saskatchewan Tuberculosis Program, Saskatchewan Health
  • World Health Organization Sub-committee on the Diagnosis of Tuberculosis
  • Chair Canadian Tuberculosis Committee, Health Canada
  • Associate Editor Canadian TB Standards, 5th and 6th Editions.
  • Board of Directors Lung Association of Saskatchewan
  • Chair Governance Committee Lung Association of Saskatchewan

Clinical Interests

  • Tuberculosis

Selected Publications

  • V.H. Hoeppner, D.M. Cooper, N. Zamel, A.C. Bryan and L. Levison, 1974. Relationship Between the Elastic Recoil in Closing Volume in Smokers and Non-Smokers.  American Review of Respiratory Disease 109:81-86
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