College of Medicine

Research Area(s)

  • Gas Exchange
  • Pulmonary Function
  • Knowledge Translation



Graduate School and Year of Graduation:

PhD, Biomedical Engineering, University of Saskatchewan 1976
MSc, Control Engineering, University of Saskatchewan 1974
BE, Engineering Physics, University of Saskatchewan 1972

Current Academic Post and Year of Appointment:

Faculty at University of Saskatchewan 1977 - present
Professor of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan 1986 - 2014
Professor Emeritus, Medicine, University of Saskatchewan 2014 - present

Role(s) in Respirology Division:
Academic Member

National and International Committees:
Former Member, American Thoracic Society Pulmonary Function Proficiency Committee

Chair, American Thoracic Society/European Respiratory Society taskforces on standards for diffusing capacity of the lung (2017) and spirometry (2019).

Clinical Interests

  • Pulmonary Function Testing


2021 Canadian Lung Association Lifetime Achievement Award

2021 Canadian Thoracic Society Distinguished Achievement Award

2020 American Thoracic Society Dr. Robert Crapo Memorial Lifetime Achievement Award in Pulmonary Diagnostics

Selected Publications

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