Picture of Dr. Benjamin Leis

Dr. Benjamin Leis MD, FRCPC Assistant Professor General Internal Medicine


Research Area(s)

  • Quality Improvement
  • Cognitive Biases in Health Care Decision-Making
  • Equity in Health Care

Selected Publications

  1. Leis B, Weatherald J, Basran R, De Villiers J. Pulmonary Embolism: the Value of the Angiographic Diagnosis. Canadian Journal of Cardiology. 2019 July; 35(7), 940.  
    1. Corresponding editorial written by Drs. Chandy & Channick (819-820) in same issue of CJC. 

  2. Leis B, Frost A, Bryce R, Lyon AW, Coverett K. Altering standard admission order sets to promote clinical laboratory stewardship. BMJ Quality Saf. Epub ahead of print: [May 9th, 2019]. Doi: 10.1136/bmjqs-2018-008995.  
    1. Corresponding BMJ Q&S blog authored by Joel Boggan: https://blogs.bmj.com/qualitysafety/2019/08/19/unit-culture-testing-frequency-and-simple-interventions-more-than-meets-the-eye-test/

  3. Leis B, Booker J, Dehghani P. Support for Use of PFO in Selected Cases to Access the Left Atrium During LAA Device Implantation. EP Lab Digest. 2019 Feb; 19(3): 23-24.
  4. Leis B, Frost A, Bryce R, Coverett K. Standard admission order sets promote ordering of unnecessary investigations: a quasi-randomised evaluation in a simulated setting. BMJ Quality Saf. 2017 Nov; 26(11):938-940.