College of Medicine



  • BScN University of Saskatchewan, Canada.
  • MSC in Preventive Medicine and Environmental Health (emphasis in Industrial Hygiene) from the University of Iowa. Thesis "Oil/Water Sprinkling Intervention in a Swine Confinement Unit" (K. Donham - Advisor).
  • MBA from University of Saskatchewan.
  • PhD in interdisciplinary studies (emphasis on Occupational Hygiene) from the University of Saskatchewan joint with Colorado State University. Thesis: “Particulate distribution and relationship to endotoxin in poultry operations” (S. Reynolds and N. Koehncke - Advisors)

 Professional Roles

  • Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, College of Medicine, Canadian Centre for Health and Safety in Agriculture.
  • Associate member of the School of Public Health, College of Nursing and Community Health and Epidemiology.
  • Co-PI and Director of the CIHR-STIHR Public Health and the Agricultural Rural Ecosystem Training Program (PHARE)
  • Leads the National Agricultural Industrial Hygiene Laboratory

Clinical Interests

  • Epidemiology of rural and agricultural related exposures and respiratory health outcomes

Selected Publications

Current Research



Applicants & Investigators

Funding Sources

2023/04-2025/03 Enhancing wellness in our miyo wāskahikan. Kirychuk S (NPI). Co-PIs: Martin, W., McPhedran, K., Bradford, L., Co-applicants: Soltan, J., Ramsden, V., Pahwa, P., Campbell, D., Fonstad, T., Karunanayake, C., Dosman, J., Abonyi, S. SHRF Impact Grant, $150,000.
2023/01-2024/04 Guiding Public health Policies in Indigenous Communities through the Development of Analytical Tools to Assess Molecular-level Interactions between Environmental Tobacco Smoke and Mold. Kahan T, Kirychuk S, Burgess I (Co-PIs). Post-Doctoral Fellowship for three Post Doctoral Fellows. Living Skies Post-doctoral Fellowship Program. Total: $120,000
2023/01-2024/03 Thriving in our Miyo Wāskahikan Kirychuk S, (PI). Co-applicants: Martin, W., McPhedran, K., Bradford, L., Bharadwaj, L., Ramsden, V., Pahwa, P., Karunanayake, C., Dosman, J., Burgess, L. SHRF Connections Truth and Action Grant, $10,000.
2022/07-2024/06 Kisêwâtisiwin for the Home.   Martin, W., Kirychuk S., McPhedran K. (co-PIs). Co-applicants: Bradford, L, Soltan J.  SSHRC.  Exchange Grant.  $5,000. 
2022/07-2023/06 Kisêwâtisiwin for the Home.    Martin, W., Kirychuk S., McPhedran K. (co-PIs). Co-applicants: Bradford, L, Soltan J. SHRF. Connections Grant.  $10,000.  
2022/03-2027/02 Assess, Redress, Reassess:  Addressing Disparities in House, Home, and Mental Health Among First Nations People.   Dosman, J., Pahwa, P., Kirychuk S., King M., Baetz M., Abonyi S., Seeseequasis J, Mike D.T., Naytowhow C.D.C., Neubuhr M.J., Seeseequasis W (co-PIs). Co-applicants: Fenton M, Koehncke N, Ramsden V., Janzen B., Lawson J., Kaunanayake C., McMullin K. CIHR.  Project Grant. $1,399,950.  
2022/01-2023/02 Mamawohkamatowin: working together to understand the house and COVID-19 in a Saskatchewan First Nation Community.   Kirychuk S., Rabbitskin N, Ramsden V (Co-PIs). Co-applicants: Karanunyake C., Bighead S. CIHR.  Operating Grant. Emerging COVID Research Gaps & Priorities.  $272,415.  
2021/04-2022/03   Optical Aerosol Spectrophotometer for Covid Research.   Simonson, C., Kirychuk, S., Soltan J, Co-Principal Applicants. Co-applicant:  Duchaine C. NSERC.  Research Tools and Instruments.  $86,685.  
2021-2023 Development of Green and Sustainable Processes for Surface Decontamination of Shell Eggs.   Zhang, L., Kirychuk S, Schewan-Lardner K, Co-Principal Applicants. Co-applicants: Martel M. Agriculture Development Fund.  Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture.  $260,000.  
2021/01-2023/12 Recovery of Viruses during Common Ventilation Practices.  Kirychuk S (Principal Applicant). Co-applicants: Duchaine C, Simonson C, Soltan J, Schneberger D*, Tam J, Y. Zhou. CoMRAD – Research re-start. University of Saskatchewan. Total: $29,811 
2020/09-2022/08 Development of Chemical-free Egg Shell Surface Decontamination Methods Through Electro Nano-spray.   Zhang, L.,  Kirychuk S, Schewan-Lardner K, Co-Principal Applicants. Co-applicants: Martel M. NSERC Alliance.  $74,500. 
2020/09-2021//07 Study of pathogen transfer through membranes for energy exchangers to reduce airborne transmission of COVID-19 in buildings.    Simonson C., Kirychuk S., Soltan, JM, Co-Principal Applicants. Co-applicants: Tam J, Zhou Y.  NSERC Alliance.  Total: $50,000 
2020/09-2021/07 Development of air sanitization unit to inactivate pathogens (e.g. COVID-19 virus) using catalytic reaction with ozone.    Soltan, JM, Kirychuk S, Simonson C.Co-Principal Applicants. Co-applicants: Tam J, Zhou Y.  NSERC Alliance.  Total: $50,000 
2020/07-2021/04 Optimizing Ventilation Parameters in Order to Test Ventilation as a Population-Level Protection Measure in Controlling Airborne Viruses.  Kirychuk, S (Nominated Principal Applicant). Co-applicants: Duchaine C, Simonson C, Soltan J, Schneberger D*, Ianowski J, Tam J, Annadurai G.  OVDR RRC COVID-19, University of Saskatchewan. Total: $10,000 
2019/03 – 2024/04  Antimicrobial resistance genes in bioaerosols in Canadian arctic, rural, and urban environments: sources, profiles, transport and fate Principal Applicant: Caroline Duchaine. Co-applicant: Shelley Kirychuk, Allison McGeer, Brenda Coleman, Ed Topp, Jacques Corbeil, Marie-Lou Gaucher, Michel Bergeron, Scott McEwen, Thierry Badard, Stephane Goodbout. Collaborator: Anne-Marie Delort, Maosheng Yao, Maurice Boissinot, Patrick. O'Shaughnessy, Pierre Amato, Richard Reid-Smith; NSERC Discovery Frontiers – $3,997,700
2020/01-2022/01 The Anti-Inflammatory potential of Nature Immuno on Inflammation induced by LPS Prinicipal Applicant: Shelley Kirychuk and Amanda Nascimento MITACS Elevate – 60,000
2020/01 – 2021/04 Effects of low elevations CO2 on lung Infection and inflammation Principal Applicant: Shelley Kirychuk. Co-applicant: David Schneberger and Carey Simonson Respiratory Research Centre Team Building Grant - 24,918
2020/01 – 2021/04 One of these things is not like the other: Unraveling the sex differential inflammatory response to airborne agricultural exposures Principal Applicant: Shelley Kirychuk. Co-applicant: David SchnebergerCollaborators: Todd Wyatt, Baljit Singh, Gurpreet Aulakh University of Saskatchewan, ComRAD Program, total funding- $29,870
2019/04-2024/04 Improving the Biosecurity and Welfare of Animals During Transport. Principal Investigator: Predical B. Co-investigator: Kirychuk S. Canadian AgriSafety Applied Research Program. Total: $247,000
2019/04-2024/04 Development and Assessment of Emerging Green Technologies to Reduce Aerosol Risks and Hazards. Principal Investigator: Zhang L. Co-investigators: Kirychuk S, Predicala B, Duchaine C, Martel M*, Girard M, Godbout S.  Canadian AgriSafety Applied Research Program. Total: $492,248
2019/04-2024/04 Fugitive Emissions Following Manure Spreading. Principal Investigator: Girard M. Co-Principal Investigator: Godbout S. Co-investigators: Landry H, Duchaine C, Kirychuk S Candian AgriSafety Applied Research Program. Total: $498,498 
2019/04 - 2024/04 Developing Strategies to Minimize Health Risks in Next Generation Livestock Buildings Integrating Modern Animal Welfare Considerations.  Principal Investigator: Godbout S. Co-Principal Investigator: Kirychuk S. Co-investigators: Duchaine C , Zhang L , Predicala B, Turcotte S, Martel-Kennes Y, Girard M.  Canadian AgriSafety Applied Research Program. Total: $499,621
2018/05-2023/04 Assess, Redress, Re-assess: Addressing Disparities in Sleep health among First Nations People. Principal Investigators: Dosman J, Abonyi S, King M, Pahwa P. Co-investigators: Pahwa P, Fenton M, Karunanayake C, Kirychuk S, Koehncke N, Lawson J, Rennie D, Skomro R.  Canadian Institutes of Health Research Project Grant. Total: $1,250,775.00

2017/12 – 2021/05

Dust Removal and Microbial Deactivation for Improving Air Quality in Livestock Barns

Principal Applicant: Lifeng Zhang

Co-applicant: Shelley Kirychuk, Huiqing Guo, Bernardo Predicala, Myra Martel

 Ministry of Agriculture, Agricultural Development Fund – 189,000

2020/01 – 2022/01

The Anti-Inflammatory potential of Nature Immuno on Inflammation induced by LPS

Prinicipal Applicant: Shelley Kirychuk and Amanda Nascimento

MITACS Elevate – 60,000

2018/12 – 2019/07

The effects of Resp-Aid on Asthma

Principal Applicant: Shelley Kirychuk and Amanda Nascimento

MITACS Accelerate – 30,000

2018/03 – 2019/03

Mould as a respiratory risk factor for rural populations

Principal Applicant: Shelley Kirychuk

Co-applicant: Joshua Lawson, Vivian Ramsden, George Katselis

SHRF Collaborative Innovation Development Grant – 50,000

2018/02 – 2019/03

Ambient Air Quality and Respiratory Health in Saskatchewan: the influence of PM2.5

Principal Applicant: Shelley Kirychuk

Co-applicant: John Gordon, Joshua Lawson, Donna Rennie, Chandima Karunanayake, Niels Koehncke

SHRF Ideas that Inspire Grant – 25,000

2017/03 – 2018/08

Dust Exposure Reduction for worker disease prevention. Airborne dust removal by an electrostatic space charge system. 

Principal Applicant: Lifeng Zhang

Co-applicant: Huiqing Guo, Shelley Kirychuk.

SHRF Collaborative Innovation Development Grant – 47,000

Published Papers

  • Chu L.M., Rennie D., Kirychuk S., Cockcroft D., Gordon J.R., Pickett W., Dosman J., Lawson J.A. Farm Exposures and Allergic Disease Among Children Living in a Rural Setting. 2023. Journal of Agromedicine, Online ahead of Print.

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