Picture of Dr. Sylvia Abonyi

Dr. Sylvia Abonyi Faculty, Community Health and Epidemiology

Research Areas

  • Medical / health Anthropology
  • Qualitative Research Methods
  • Aboriginal Health
  • Global Policies and Local Health
  • Population Health
  • Participatory Action Research
  • Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Selected Publications

  • Dietrich-Leurer M, Abonyi S, Smadu M. A syndemic perspective of negative childhood outcomes: Parenting in a ‘perfect storm’ of disadvantaged conditions. Journal of Poverty. 2013 Apr 18;17(2):198-216.
  • McMullin K, Abonyi S, Mayan M, Orr P, Lopez-Hille C, King M, Boffa J, Long R. Old Keyam- A framework for examining the disproportionate experience of tuberculosis among Aboriginal peoples of the Canadian prairies. Journal of Aboriginal Health. 2012 Nov;9(1):30-40.
  • Bacsu J, Jeffery B, Johnson S, Martz D, Novik N, Abonyi S. Healthy aging in place: Supporting rural seniors’ health needs. Journal of Rural Nursing and Healthcare. 2012 Nov;12(2):77-87.
  • Fitzpatrick T, Janzen B, Abonyi S, Kelly I. Factors Associated with Perceived Time Pressure among Employed Mothers and Fathers. Psychology. 2012;3(2):165-174.
  • Wilson K, Rosenberg M, Abonyi S. Aboriginal Peoples, Health and Healing Approaches: The Effects of Age and Place on Health. Social Science and Medicine. 2011 Jul;72:355-364.
  • Wilson K, Rosenberg M, Abonyi S, Lovelace B. Aging and health: An examination of differences between older Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people. Canadian Journal on Aging. 2010 Sep;29(3):369-382. Comment: in top 10 most read in month of release
  • Tao W, Janzen BL, Abonyi S. Gender, Division of Unpaid Family Work and Psychological Distress in Dual-Earner Families. Clinical Practice & Epidemiology in Mental Health. 2010;6:36-46.
  • Johnson S, Abonyi S, Jeffery B, Hackett P, Hampton M, McIntosh T, Martz N, Muhajarine N, Petrucka P, Sari N. Recommendations for action on the social determinants of health: A Canadian perspective. The Lancet. 2008 Nov 8;372(9650):1690-1693.
  • Plamondon K, Hanson L, Labonte R, Abonyi S. The global fund and tuberculosis in Nicaragua: Building sustainable capacity? Canadian Journal of Public Health. 2008 Jul;99(4):355-358.
  • Dunning H, Williams S, Abonyi S, Crooks V. A mixed method approach to quality of life research: A case study approach. Social Indicators Research. 2007;85(1):145-158. Epub 2007 May 4.