College of Medicine


I am the Canadian-born daughter of an immigrant and refugee, a wife, and the mother of two.  As an educator, health researcher, and citizen in Canada, I teach, learn, work, and live on traditional Indigenous territories that include treaty lands, unceded lands, and Métis homelands. I pay my respects to the First Nation, Métis, and Inuit ancestors.

Trained as an anthropologist, I conduct community engaged research with First Nation and Métis communities and peoples, primarily from northern Saskatchewan. Recent studies focus on healthy aging in place, tuberculosis, sleep health, as well as heart and lung health. Together with Indigenous community partners, I am also part of national and provincial teams revealing experiences of covid-19.

In addition to my position in the department I am research faculty with the Saskatchewan Population Health and Evaluation Research Unit (, an interdisciplinary group of researchers from the Universities of Saskatchewan and Regina whose collective focus is on advancing health equity through the creation of new knowledge, independent policy analysis, and collaborative research with policy makers and communities. 

Selected Publications

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