Picture of Dr. Nnamdi Ndubuka

Dr. Nnamdi Ndubuka PhD, MBBS, MPH Associate Professor Division of Public Health and Preventive Medicine

Research Area(s)

  • Sexually transmitted and blood borne infections
  • Tuberculosis
  • Social epidemiology and determinants of health
  • Population health intervention research
  • Indigenous health
  • Clinical quality improvement
  • Epidemiology


Dr. Nnamdi Ndubuka currently works as a medical health officer with the Northern Inter-Tribal Health Authority, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. He is an Associate Professor with the Department of Community Health and Epidemiology, College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan with a cross appointment at the School of Public Health, University of Saskatchewan. 

As a researcher and public health expert, Dr. Ndubuka is particularly interested in the contribution of social determinants of health to infectious disease epidemiology including TB, HIV- and HCV-related risk behaviors and public health practices. Over the past decade, Dr. Ndubuka has worked collaboratively with policy makers, academia, Indigenous communities, and people with lived experience on several community-based studies concentrating on the social construct of communicable disease-related risks.

His continuous involvement on regional, provincial and national programming and policy-making advisory bodies ensures that Indigenous communities are engaged and contributes directly to decision-making priorities for the purpose of policy reformulation.

Dr. Ndubuka is the Course Director, Medicine and Society I.


  • Clincial Epidemiology
  • Medicine and Society I

Research Areas of Interest

  • Infectious disease research
  • Social epidemiology and determinants of health
  • Population health intervention research
  • Indigenous and Community-based research
  • Clinical quality improvement studies

Selected Publications

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