Picture of Dr. Lori Hanson

Dr. Lori Hanson Faculty, Community Health and Epidemiology

Research Areas

  • Global Health and Development (Community-based approaches)
  • Transformative pedagogies
  • Activism and social movements
  • Sexual and reproductive health (including midwifery, gender-based violence)
  • Fair trade, gender and health
  • Alternatives: Community-based, participatory, and arts-informed research

Selected Publications

Books, Chapters in Books, Expository and Review Articles

  • 2013   Hanson, L. Experiences of creating Internationalized curricula through global health programs at the University of Saskatchewan.In Green W. (Ed).  Internationalizing the Curriculum in disciplines: Stories from business, education and health (In press) Vitae Pensorio Press: Milan Italy.
  • 2012   Cole, D. Hanson, L. Rouleau, K., Pottie, K., Arya, N. (166 pages) Chapter 12: Teaching Global Health Ethics in An Introduction to Global Health Ethics Edited by R. Upshur and A. Pinto.  Routledge (Taylor and Francis Group)
  • 2010    Kaplan-Mirth N., Hanson, L. & Thille, P.(Eds). Women who care: Women’s stories of health care and caring Pottersfield Press: East Lawrencetown, N.S. (175 pages)
  • 2009    Hanson, L., & Johnson, M., Internationalization, Social Transformation and Global Citizenship: An Evaluation of Global Health. In R. Trilokekar, G. Jones and A. Shubert (eds.) Canada’s universities go global.  James Lorimer & Co. Ltd.: Toronto. p. 168-193.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

  • 2014    Hanson, L. McRae, D. Toward Equity in Access to Midwifery in SK: Key Informant Perspectives.  Canadian Journal of Midwifery Research and Practice.  In Press.
  • 2013    Hanson, L. Mpofu, D. Hopkins, L., Toward Equity in Access to Midwifery: A scan of five Canadian Provinces.  Canadian Journal of Midwifery Research and Practice.  Aug; 12(1)
  • 2012    Hanson, L. Terstappen, V., Bacon, C. Leung, J. Ganem-Cuenca, A. Diaz, R. Meza Rojas, M. Gender, health, and Fairtrade: Insights from a research-action program in Nicaragua. Development in Practice 22: 2. p. 164-179
  • 2012    Terstappen, V. Hanson, L. McLaughlin, D. Gender, Health, Labor and inequities: A review of the fair and alternative trade literature. Agriculture and Human Values DOI: 10.1007/s10460-012-9377-7
  • 2011    Cole, D. Davidson, C., Hanson, L., Jackson, S., Page, A., Lencuch, R.,& Kakuma, R. Being global in public health practice and research: Complementary competencies are needed.  Canadian Journal of Public Health 102:5, p. 394-397.
  • 2011    Hanson C. & Hanson L. Unpaid work and social policy: Engaging research with mothers on social assistance Action Research 9:2, June, 2011. p. 179-198.    DOI: 10.1177/1476750310388053  
  • 2010    Hanson, L. Harms, S. & Plamondon, K. Undergraduate International Medical electives: Some Ethical and Pedagogical considerations. Journal of Studies in International Education 15:2. p. 171-185. May 2011.    DOI: 10.1177/1028315310365542
  • 2010    Hanson, L., Global Citizenship, Global Health, and the Internationalization of Curriculum: A Study of Transformative Potential, Journal of Studies in International Education, 14:8, p. 70-88. DOI: 10.1177/1028315308323207
  • 2009    Hanson L. & Terstappen, V. Collaboration on Contentious Issues:  Research Partnerships for Gender Equity in Nicaragua’s Fair Trade Coffee Cooperatives. Journal of Agromedicine, 14. p. 105-111.
  • 2008    Plamondon, K., Hanson, L., Labonte, R. & Abonyi, S. The Global Fund and Tuberculosis in Nicaragua: Building Sustainable Capacity? Canadian Journal of Public Health, Vol.99, No.4,     July/Aug, 2008, p. 355-358.

Technical reports

  • 2013    Hanson, L.  Harvey-Blackenship, M.  Indicators for evaluation of Maternal Health Project (Ethiopia)
  • 2013    Hanson, L. Netll, Z.  Equity in Access to Midwifery: Phase II report (36 pages)
  • 2011    Hanson, L. Mpofu, D. Hopkins, L. Friesen, J. Harder, J. Equity in Access to Midwifery: Phase one Outcome report.
  • 2011    Research Team (Hanson, L., Mpofu, D., Harder, J.) New Saskatchewan-based research study: Equity and access to midwifery services in the Saskatoon Health Region. Saskatchewan College of Midwives Newsletter 2:2 Spring, 2011
  • 2009    Diaz, R., Hanson, L. & Bacon, C.  Genero, Salud y Comercio Justo (Report on the first phase: Gender, Health and Fair Trade), ASDENIC, Esteli, Nicaragua. 19 pages.
  • 2009    Equipo de Investigacion (Hanson, L. Terstappen, V. Diaz, R. & Bacon C.) Impactos del Comercio Justo en las comunidades cafetereras norteñas.  El Comercio 407. Octubre, 2009.
  • 2007    Plamondon, K. and Canadian Coalition for Global Health Research (CCGHR) Capacity-Building Task Group (Hanson, L. (co-chair) with Harms, S., Neufeld, V., Nguyen V.K.), Mentorship Modules for Global Health Research. Available at:http://www.ccghr.ca/default.cfm?content=mentorship_modules.
  • 2004    Brown, S. & Hanson, L., International Health Orientation Modules, College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan.  35 pages plus readings package. Modules include:
        1. Module One: Health in a Global Context & Ethics of Study/Work/Travel Abroad
        2. Module Two: Development, Globalization and Transformation
        3. Module Three: Cultural Awareness & Insurance, Risk Management and Emergency    Preparedness
        4. Module Four: Trailing Threads, Logistical Concerns and Personal Preparedness
        5. Module Five: Coming Home & “So what?”
  • 2004    Brown, S. and Hanson, L., International Health Orientation Modules and Facilitator’s Manual, College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan.
  • 2003    Hanson, L., Connecting Community and Campus: Mid-term Review, CIDA, AUCC and University of Calgary: Mexico, Belize and Calgary, 70 pages.
  • 2003    Hanson, L. Connecting Community and Campus: Mid-term Review CIDA and University of Calgary: Mexico, Belize and Calgary.
  • 2001    Hanson, C., Hanson, L., and Adams, B., Who Benefits: Women Unpaid Work and Social Policy, Technical Report, Status of Women Canada.
  • 2001   Hanson, L., Hanson, C., Evaluation of the Quint Small Business Training Program, Saskatoon.
  • 2001    Hanson, C., & Hanson, L., Who benefits: Women Unpaid Work and Social Policy. Available on web-site of Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women: www.criaw-icref.ca/hanson.htm 36 pages.
  • 2000   Hanson, L., Needs Assessment Phase One Report on Community Consultations, HOPE Cancer Help Centre, Saskatoon, SK.