Picture of Dr. Lilian Thorpe

Dr. Lilian Thorpe BSc Double Honours, MSc, MD, PhD Professor Community Health and Epidemiology

HSC E-wing 3218

Research Area(s)

  • Epidemiology
  • Aging and developmental disabilities
  • Dementia and psychotic disorders in the elderly
  • Medical ethics


Full member of a research team (recently successfully awarded funding by Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation): Research and Community Alliance for Quality of Life in Long-Term Care (the Quality of Life Team).  I am a full member of this team, which is led by Thomas Hadjistavropoulos of the University of Regina.  This project has a variety of focuses, including oxidative stress, the effect of a walking program on balance, falls, and well-being, the use of restraints in long-term care, pain assessment and management, person centric care and the impact of life history.

Principal investigator of a longitudinal study of intellectual disabilities and aging: ongoing 12 year follow-up of 360 community dwelling adults with intellectual disabilities started in 2001, with focus on mortality, cognitive change, mental health, quality of life and use of psychotropic medications.

Vitamin E in Down Syndrome International Study, one of two Canadian sites, patient enrollment began May 2002. (Funding from National Institute on Aging, USA).

Selected Publications

Books, Chapters In Books Expository And Review Articles

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  • Thorpe L.  Psychiatric disorders of old age: clinical applications to persons with mental retardation. Chapter for Dementia, Aging, And Intellectual Disabilities: A Handbook, eds. Janicki & Dalton,  published by Taylor and Francis, Washington, DC January 1999.

Papers In Refereed Journals

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