Picture of Dr. Cordell Neudorf

Dr. Cordell Neudorf Faculty, Community Health and Epidemiology

Research Areas

  • Baseline measurements and trends over time of health inequities in Saskatchewan with comparative data from other parts of Canada and internationally.
  • Health equity audits and quality improvement interventions to improve equity in various parts of the health system such as immunization coverage, chronic disease management and prevention, and primary data collection on the social determinants of health in all parts of the health system to monitor inequities, set health service delivery improvement targets and improve the determinants of health themselves.
  • "Connecting to care” projects to bring the right mix of intersectoral services to people who are frequent users of support services to improve their determinants of health and appropriateness of care.

Selected Publications

Papers in Refereed Journals

  • Cohen D, Huynh T, Sebold A, Harvey J, Neudorf C, Brown A. The Population Health Approach: A Qualitative Study of Conceptual and Operational Definitions for Leaders in Canadian Healthcare. Sage Open Medicine. 2014 Feb 11;2:1-11. Epub 2014 Feb 11.
  • Choi B, Decou ML, Rasali D, Martens P, Mancuso M, Plotnikoff R, Neudorf C, Thanos J, Svenson L, Denny K, Orpana H, Stewart P, King M, Griffith J, Erickson T, van Dorp R, White D, Ali A. Enhancing Capacity for risk factor surveillance at the regional/local level: a follow-up review of the findings of the Canadian Think Tank Forum after 4 years. Archives of Public Health. 2014;72(2):1-11. Epub 2014.
  • Neudorf C. Reorienting the Healthcare System: Population and Public Health Need to Step Forward. Healthcare Papers. 2013 Oct;13(3):27-33.
  • Neudorf C. Integrating a population health approach into healthcare service delivery and decision-making. Healthcare Management Forum. 2012 Nov;25(3):155-159.
  • Cushon J, Neudorf C, Kershaw T, Dunlop T, Muhajarine N. Coverage for the Entire Population: Tackling immunization rates and disparities in Saskatoon Health Region. Canadian Journal of Public Health. 2012 Oct;103(7):S37-S41.
  • Disano J, Goulet J, Muhajarine N, Neudorf C, Harvey J. Socio-Economic Status and Rates of Hospital Admission for Chronic Disease in Urban Canada. Canadian Nurse: 106, No 1, January 2010.
  • Lemstra M, Neudorf C, Mackenbach J, Nannapaneni U. Suicide Ideation in Saskatoon Adults: The role of economic and Aboriginal cultural status after multivariate adjustment. Canadian Journal of Psychiatry. 2009;54(9):589-95.
  • Neudorf C. Positioning Public Health for Future Success in Canada. Can J Public Health: 100(5) 2009.
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  • Lemstra M, Neudorf C, Mackenbach J, Kershaw T, Nannapaneni U, Scott C. High healthcare utilization and costs associated with lower socioeconomic status: results from a linked dataset. Can. J Public Health 2009:100(3):180-183.
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  • Lemstra M, Neudorf C, Opondo J. Public health implications of a public smoking ban in Saskatoon: reduced incidence of acute myocardial infarction and lower smoking prevalence. Can J  Public Health 2008:99 62-5
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  • Mark Lemstra, Cory Neudorf, Johnmark Opondo, Pam de Bruin, Karen Grauer, Judith Wright “Epidemiological Analysis of Chlamydia Trachomatis and Neisseria Gonorrhoeae in Saskatoon Health Region”. Canadian Journal of Public Health, March - April, 2007: 134-137.
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  • Muhajarine N, Neudorf C, Martin K.  Concurrent consultations with physicians and Providers of alternative care: Results from a population-based study.  CJPH 2000; 91:449-453.

Technical Reports Relevant to Academic Field

  • Neudorf C, Ugolini C, Murphy L, Marko J, Kryzanowski J, Turner H, Wright J. Better Health for All: Health Status Reporting Series 1 "Our Population" Series 2
    "Immunization" Series 3 "How Can the Health System Contribute to Better Health for All?". 1, Saskatoon Health Region; 2014. Interactive web report. Series 4 “Sexually Transmitted Infections" Series 5 “HIV”, Series 6 “Health Behaviours" 1, Saskatoon Health Region; 2014, 2015
  • Modupalli KS, Cushon J, Neudorf C. 2010/2011 Student Health Survey: Evidence for Action. Saskatoon Health Region; 2013. 66 p.
  • Neudorf C, Muhajarine N, Marko J, Murphy L, Macqueen Smith F, Clarke A, Ugolini C, Wu J. Healthy Children, Healthy Families, Healthy Communities: A report of the Chief Medical Health Officer on the health status and development of young children in Saskatoon Health Region, 2012. Saskatoon Health Region; 2012. 158 p.
  • Scott C, Cushon J, Neudorf C. The Student Health Survey in 2006/07 and 2008/09: A Comprehensive Report. Saskatoon: Saskatoon Health Region; 2012. 68 p.
  • Marko J, Neudorf C, Kershaw T. Rural Health Status in Saskatoon Health Region. Saskatoon: Saskatoon Health Region. Saskatoon: Saskatoon Health REgion;2009. 69 p.
  • Neudorf C, Marko J, Wright J, Ugolini C, Kershaw T, Whitehead S, Opondo J, Findlater R. 2008 Health Status Report. Saskatoon: Saskatoon Health Region;2008. 164 p.

 Invited Lectures (Outside the U of S) and Invited Conference Presentations

  • 2014-06-12     Neudorf C, Hasselback P. Health Promoting Schools project in Saskatoon and BC. At the Western Cities Medical Health Officer's meeting in Victoria, BC
  • 2014-05-29     Neudorf C, Shahab S. Progress in Developing a Health Equity Agenda in Saskatchewan. for the National Collaborating Centre for the Determinants of Health working session "Advancing provincial/territorial public health capacity for health equity May 29, 30 in Toronto
  • 2014-05-29     Neudorf C, Hoch J, Manuel D, Rosella L. Building the Business Case for Public Health. Panel discussion about the relevance and usefulness of developing a business case for public health using the ICES publication on the role of health behaviours and social determinants of health on costs to health care in Ontario as an example. At CPHA 2014 conference
  • 2014-05-28     Neudorf C, Brownell M, Elmslie K, Hynes G. Pan-Canadian Reporting on Indicators of Health Inequality in Canada: Two new resources coming soon! Moderator and speaker at this presentation at the Canadian Public Health Assiciation 2014 conference co-sponsored by Public Health Agency of Canada and the Canadian Institutes for Health Information regarding their upcoming reports on health inequities in Canada and how they can be used across the country
  • 2014-05-27     Neudorf C, Barnes S, Millar J, Schwartz R, St. Onge R, Aslanyan G. Public Health: Towards Systems Thinking 5.0. Panel discussion at the Canadian Public Health Association 2014 conference on how systems thinking can be applied to social policies affecting public and population health problems
  • 2014-05-08     Neudorf C, Muhajarine N, Opikokew-Wajuntah C. Children's Well-being panel. Best Interests of the Child Conference
  • 2014-04-03     Neudorf C. Update on Intersectoral Action in the Saskatoon Region. presentation to the Regional Intersectoral Committees/ Senior Inter-ministerial Services meeting in Regina
  • 2014-03-06     Neudorf C, Ugolini C, Turner H. Health Equity over TIme in Saskatoon Health Region. Presentation to Ministry of Health staff and decision makers about the results of the SHR Health Equity over Time upcoming report (methods and preliminary results)
  • 2014-01-13     Neudorf C. Health in All Policies: Highlights from the 8th Global Conference on Health Promotion, Helsinki June 2013. 990 seminar to department faculty and students
  • 2013-11-08     Neudorf C, Marko J, Turner H, Ugolini C. Surveillance: Beyond the Basics. conference workshop on health equity indicator development and calculation, co-taught with staff from SHR PHO
  • 2013-11-08     Neudorf C, Marko J, Ugolini C. Health Inequity surveillance: Beyond the Basics. Conference All day Workshop on Health Inequity epidemiology techniques co-taught with the PHO staff for the Sask Epidemiology Association 2013 Conference
  • 2013-11         Betker C, Churchill K, Lefebvre S, Neudorf C, Sorin L. Advancing health equity through public health: The Power of People and Systems panel discussion. webinar organized by the National Collaborating Centre for Determinants of Health
  • 2013-10-05    Neudorf C. LEAN management in Healthcare in Saskatchewan. Invited presentation and Q&A session with the Saskatchewan Chapter of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
  • 2013-09-17    Neudorf C. Health Equity Updates. professional development session for Saskatoon Health Region Public Health Observatory staff on activities aimed at improving health equity occurring at the local, provincial, national and international levels
  • 2013-06-05    Neudorf C. Health Equity in Health System Planning. for the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency Board Annual meeting  
  • 2013-05-28    Neudorf C. "Population Health Data and Measurement for Health System Planning and Policy Making". Panel Discussion on the Triple Aim, each panelist presenting for 30 minutes followed by discussion
  • 2013-05-13    Neudorf C. Health Equity Summit. Host, speaker, organizer for this National Summit  funded by CIHR, SHRF, and the NCCDH
  • 2013-04-18    Neudorf C. LEAN in Public Health. Invited to present on how LEAN management tools are being adapted and used by Public Health In Saskatoon to the Urban Public Health Network meeting
  • 2013-04-10    Neudorf C. Poverty, Justice and Health:    Impacts for Counselling. Lunch and Learn presentation sponsored by Saskatoon Christian Counselling Services
  • 2013-03-13    Neudorf C. Child Health Inequalities. Part of a panel discussion for "Brain Awareness Week"
  • 2013-02-27    Neudorf C. Improving Health Equity in Saskatoon through health system and intersectoral action. Invited keynote speaker for the EBOH-4P workshop at McGill University for Public Health PhD students
  • 2013-02-19    Neudorf C. Integrating a Population Health Approach and Health Equity into Health System Planning and Activities:    Public Health as both Service Provider and Support Department. Public Health WORKS seminar and national video broadcast in Edmonton
  • 2013-02-02    Neudorf C. Poverty and Justice:Moving from awareness to action. Speaker for afternoon workshop at the "Relentless" Young Adult Conference in Saskatoon
  • 2013-01-30    Neudorf C. The LEAN House. Invited to give a lecture overview of the LEAN Management system and how it is being adapted for Public Health to the MHOCOS meeting
  • 2013-01-09    Neudorf C. The Medical Health Officer's Academic Role: Research, Teaching Duties, and Promotion of Best Practice in Public Health. Education session for the Saskatoon Regional Health Authority
  • 2012-11-27    Neudorf C. Improving Health Equity in Saskatoon: Mobilizing local stakeholders. Invited lecture for the Journees Annuelles de Sante Publique (JASP) conference in Montreal
  • 2012-10-26    Neudorf C. Increasing Equity in Health Services:    the Health Care Equity Audit Cycle. Invited lecture for the Western Regional Training Centre for Health Services Research workshop
  • 2012-10-25    Neudorf C. Health Equity Surveillance. Presentation to the 2012 Saskatchewan Epidemiologists Association conference in Saskatoon
  • 2012-10-01    Neudorf C. Health Equity activities in Saskatoon, Canada. Presentation to the WHO Regions for Health Network Executive Planning meeting in Venice, Italy
  • 2012-09-25    Neudorf C, Muhajarine N. Child Health Status.
    Presentation of the 2013 Child Health Status report key recommendations to the Early Child Development Forum in Saskatoon
  • 2012-06    Neudorf C, Ugolini C. Saskatoon Health Region's Public Health Observatory. Presentation to a pre-conference workshop on the work of the SHR PHO program of health status and health equity monitoring and reporting; lessons learned and future directions
  • 2012-02-14    Neudorf C. Improving Health Equity in Saskatoon: From data to action. presentation for the NCCDH-IPPH Researcher-PractionerHealth Equity Workshop:
    Bridging the Gap, Toronto
  • 2011-11-23    Neudorf C. Building Health Equity: The ROle of Public Health. Presentation and discussion with Wellesley Institute staff and community partners followed by a public lecture at University of Toronto
  • 2011-09-21    Neudorf C. Child Health Equity issues. Part of a panel presentation and discussion at the Prevention Matters Conference 2011
  • 2014/09/16  Neudorf C. Population Health Approaches: Prospects for Canada. keynote address for the Canadian Medical Association Colloquium on the role of physicians in population health management in Ottawa, ON

Research Grant information

  • Co-principal Investigator - $73,500 CIHR - SPOR Network in Primary and Integrated Health Care Innovations, The purpose of this grant is to develop a collaborative network focused on generating new evidence in primary and integrated health care effectiveness, efficiency and access across the care spectrum. 2014-2015.
  • Co-investigator - $200,000 CIHR – The Good Food Junction: A Community-Based Food Intervention to Reduce Nutritional Health Inequities for 2013 – 2015
  • Principal Investigator - $120,000 SHRF – Health Inequality in Saskatchewan: Comparing small area aggregate data and individual linked data in urban and rural environments, Survey and administrative data linkage project working in collaboration with Regional Health Authorities and Regional Intersectoral committees in Saskatchewan for 2012 – 2015
  • Principal Investigator - $100,000 CIHR – Knowledge Translation Supplement – Promoting Health Equity in Saskatoon 2012 – 2013
  • Principal Investigator - $3,000 CIHR – Café Scientifique – Minding the Health Gap in Saskatoon – 2011 – 2012
  • Co-Investigator - $2,400,000 SHRF – Research Alliance for the Prevention of Infectious Disease (RAPID) 2008-2013
  • Co-Investigator - $93,545 CIHR – Working upstream: Effecting health of children through neighborhood design 2008-2011
  • Co-Principal Investigator - $300,000 CIHR - Disparity of childhood immunization coverage by neighbourhood socioeconomic status – 2007 to 2010
  • Principal Investigator - $7,295 Centre for Urban Health Initiatives – Bridging the Gap: Good Governance for Local environment and health decision making.  2007
  • Decision Maker - $400,000 CHSRF – Building Community & Public Health Nursing Capacity – 2006 to 2009
  • Principal Investigator - $800,000 CIHR - Health Disparity in Saskatoon Adolescents - November, 2006 - June 1, 2011
  • Co-Investigator – Clinical Pathways (CHSRF) 2001-2004 (Managing Continuity of Care through Integrated Care Pathways: A Study of Atrial Fibrillation and Congestive Heart Failure)
  • Co-Investigator – CAHR In-Motion – 2000-2005 ($1.9 Million over 5 Years)
  • Principal Investigator- $55,000 HTF Grant to Evaluate the Cost Effectiveness of the Quick Response Team – 1999-2001
  • Co-Investigator - $245,000 HTF Grant to Study the Hospital and Home Care for the Elderly in Saskatoon District Health 1999-2001
  • Co-Director, Health Determinants, and Health Policy Module of the Community University Institute for Social Research (funded via a $600,000 grant from SSHRC) 1998-2004
  • 2015-05 to 2016-05 Waldner C (Co-principal Investigator), Osgood N (Co-principal Investigator), Stanley K (Co-investigator), Martin W (Co-investigator), Liu J (Co-investigator), Bell S (Co-investigator), Neudorf C (Co-investigator). Exploring New Technologies to Support Investigation of Foodborne Disease, Investigating the utility of a smartphone app for food recall in food borne outbreak investigations SHRF, Collaborative Innovation Development Grant. Total: $39,800.00 for 2015-05 to 2016-05
  • 2015-04 to 2016 Tait C (Principal Investigator), Ferguson L (Coinvestigator), Neudorf C (Co-investigator), Butt P (Coinvestigator), Miller C (Collaborator), Henry R (Collaborator), Horsburg B (Collaborator). Transforming Métis Health Services Together: Development of research governance partnerships between Métis peoples and the Saskatoon Health Region., Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation - Collaborative Innovation Development Grant Program. Total: $39,969.00 for 2015-04 to 2016
  • 2015-03 to 2017-02 Dobbins M (Principal Investigator), Yost J (Coinvestigator), Akhtar-Danesh N (Co-investigator), Levinson A (Co-investigator), Neudorf C (Coinvestigator). Supporting evidence-informed public health decision making in cancer prevention, Investigating the effectiveness of various forms of social media in speeding up knowledge to implementation of cancer prevention best practice in Canadian Public Health Units CIHR - KTA grant. Total: $200,000.00 for 2015-03 to 2017-02
  • 2015-2020 Muhajarine N (Principal Investigator), Baker M (Coinvestigator), Neudorf C (Co-investigator), Teare G (Coinvestigator), McKinney V (Co-investigator), Schwandt M (Co-investigator), Meili R (Co-investigator), Johnson S (Co-investigator). SPOR Pan-Canadian Network in Primary and Integrated Health Care Innovations: Management and Operations, Saskatchewan Network, This is the second of three-stage application process to establish a Saskatchewan Network in Primary and Integrated Health Care Innovations dedicated to policy and practice relevant research