Picture of Dr. Erique Lukong

Dr. Erique Lukong BSc, MSc, PhD, BA Professor, Biochemistry, Microbiology & Immunology

4D30 Health Sciences

Research Area(s)

  • Breast tumor kinase (BRK) and two other BRK family members, FRK and SRMS


B.Sc., Keele University, UK, 1988, Department of Biochemistry, Biochemistry
B.A., Keele University, UK, 1988, School of Humanities, French
M.A. University of Montreal, 1992, Department of Linguistics, Translation
M.Sc. University of Montreal, 1996, Department of Biochemistry, Biochemistry
Ph.D., University of Montreal, 2002, Department of Biochemistry, Biochemistry

Work in my lab is centered on breast tumor kinase (BRK) and two other BRK family members, FRK and SRMS. BRK is overexpressed in the majority of breast carcinomas, but the cellular and physiological implications of BRK overexpression, and the role played by the catalytic activity have not been fully defined. The current molecular classification of breast cancers includes the expression levels of receptors such as the ER, PR, and HER2. Preliminary data from our lab indicate that BRK activity is required for breast cancer tumor formation and metastasis. We intend to characterize BRK activity as a diagnostic and/or prognostic marker of breast cancer.


  • The award for new investigator in the biomedical competiton went to Erique Lukong from the Department of Biochemistry in the College of Medicine. Lukong is investigating the cellular implications of depleting or introducing breast tumour kinase (BRK) protein in various breast cancer cell types. The goal is to determine whether BRK initiates or stimulates breast tumours, and could lead to treatment that blocks the expression of the protein. (OCN January 14, 2011)
  • Six University of Saskatchewan (U of S) research teams have been awarded more than $555,000 from the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) for projects aimed at developing new therapies for breast cancer, improving food safety, and creating a new model for literary research partnerships. Deborah Anderson(Saskatoon Cancer Centre) and Erique Lukong (biochemistry) are studying protein movement and signaling processes in breast cancer cells. The goal is to better understand the molecular causes of breast cancers and identify promising cellular targets for new therapies. (OCN January 24, 2012)

Selected Publications

  • S. Miah, A. Martin and K. E. Lukong. Constitutive activation of breast tumor kinase accelerates cell migration and tumor growth in vivo. Oncogenesis 2012. 1, e11 doi:10.1038/oncsis.2012.11   
  • K.E. Lukong, M. E. Huot, and S. Richard. BRK phosphorylates PSF promoting its cytoplasmic localization and cell cycle arrest. Cell Signal , 2009 Sep;21(9):1415-22
  • K.E. Lukong and S. Richard. Impaired motor coordination in mice deficient in the RNA-binding proteins Sam68. Behav Brain Res. 2008 June 3;189(2):357-63.
  • K.E. Lukong and S. Richard. Breast tumor kinase BRK requires kinesin-2 subunit KAP3A in modulation of cell migration. Cell Signal 2008;20(2):432-442.