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Dr. Hedlin is a Clinician Scientist in the Department of Anesthesiology. He is also involved in the Department’s Simulation Program both as an instructor, and as the local coordinator for the Canadian National Anesthesiology Simulation Curriculum (CanNASC).

Born and raised in Saskatoon, Dr. Hedlin began pursuing his interest in the health sciences via a M.Sc looking at antimicrobial resistance in ocular pathogens, which he completed in 2005.  He then went onto complete a PhD at VIDO-InterVac where he was on a team that was working to develop a vaccine for prion diseases.  During this time, he realized he had a strong desire to expand his training to become more directly involved in patient care.  As a result, he enrolled in medical school and subsequently followed that up with specialization in Anesthesiology.  He has been working in Saskatoon now as a member of the department since 2018 where he has been able to combine his interests in clinical medicine, teaching and research. 

Reseach Interests

His current research interests include exploring the impact that both Surgery and Anesthesia have on patient’s post-operative cognitive function. He is also investigating different types of neuromonitors and their potential to assist in the titration of anesthetics.

Current Research Projects

Current Research Projects

  1. Site investigator for Benzodiazepine-free anesthetic for reduction of delirium: a Multicenter, randomized, cluster crossover trial.
  2. Sub investigator for the Perioperative Ischemic Evaluation-3 Trial (POISE-3)
  3. Principle investigator for the Saskatoon Front-line Healthcare worker COVID-19 Surveillance Project.
  4. Principle investigator for the Subarachnoid Block: Reasons for insufficiency