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Graduate Students Post Doctoral Fellows Conference Travel Awards

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Masters and Doctoral Graduate Students and Post Doctoral Fellows in the College of Medicine are encouraged to participate in national and international scientific conferences and workshops, particularly those events which are specifically related to their area of research. The College believes that participation in such events is an important element in the training of biomedical and health researchers. The Conference Travel Fund has been established to assist individuals with costs incurred to attend Scientific Meetings.

College of Medicine Masters students, and Post-Doctoral Fellows may submit an application in order to receive up to $1250.00 travel assistance one time per program. Doctoral students may receive up to $1,250.00 travel assistance two times per program.

Eligibility Requirements and Procedures


  1. Applicants must be currently registered either as a full time Graduate Student or a Post Doctoral Fellow in a Department in the College of Medicine.  Post Doctoral Fellows must provide proof of registration with the College of Graduate Studies and Research.
  2. Applicants must be presenting a paper or poster at a national or international conference or scientific workshop.  A copy of the paper or abstract which has been accepted for presentation must accompany the application for funding along with proof of conference participation/registration.
  3. Applications for travel award must be supported by the student's supervisor and the Department Head using the Cost Estimate and College of Medicine Approval Form.
  4. A proposed travel budget must be submitted with the application.
  5. Applications are to be submitted to the Graduate Program Coordinator General Office (2D01 Health Sciences), at least 4 weeks in advance for travel within Canada and 6 weeks in advance for travel outside of Canada.
  6. Retroactive applications will not be considered.   
  7.  The approval of travel costs incurred will be governed by current University of Saskatchewan rules and regulations.  The completed College of Medicine Approval Form must be forwarded to the College of Medicine, Graduate Program Coordinator, 2D01.12  Health Sciences
  8.  Successful applicants must also submit a half page report within 30 days after their conference ends describing:
    - the venue of the conference
    - what new information was learned at the conference
    - what new contacts were made?