Shelley-May Neufeld is the research impact analyst in the Office of the Vice Dean of Research (OVDR).  (Photo: Submitted photo)
Shelley-May Neufeld is the research impact analyst in the Office of the Vice Dean of Research (OVDR). (Photo: Submitted photo)

Shelley-May Neufeld: Living Our Values

The College of Medicine Staff Awards recognize outstanding staff across the college who go above and beyond in their roles.  


Shelley-May Neufeld is a research impact analyst in the Office of the Vice Dean of Research (OVDR). She was nominated in the Living our Values category for the 2023 College of Medicine Staff Awards.

Her nominator describes how Shelley-May embodies the college’s values, consistently radiates positivity and uplifts her colleagues. 

“Shelley-May seeks to deliver excellence within her role and beyond, seeing tasks through while helping and supporting others to do the same.”   

Among her contributions, Shelley-May assisted with the transition of the Clinical Learning Support Unit to the OVDR unit. This complex task required her to manage documentation, stakeholder engagement and track results. Additionally, Shelley-May played a key role in helping to develop a database for faculty awards within the research portfolio. 

Beyond her job responsibilities, Shelley-May also places great importance on fostering a collegial work environment and building connections within the college. She organized a Dean's office crokinole tournament, initiated a dessert-making challenge and even coordinated a virtual water cooler initiative during the pandemic.

The Living Our Values Award is presented annually to a staff member who exemplifies one or more of the college’s values in their day-to-day work including: collegiality; fairness and equitable treatment; inclusiveness; integrity, honesty and ethical behaviour; and respect.

We asked Shelley-May for her thoughts on receiving this award. 

The following interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

What was your reaction when you learned you were named the recipient of this award?

I was surprised! I did not know that I was nominated so I was completely shocked. 

What does it mean to you to be recognized in this way?

I feel very humbled - I am so honoured that my colleagues were kind enough to nominate me and spend their time doing so. 

Being recognized for this award means a lot to me. I appreciate the acknowledgement the college makes in hosting this award; it is not only our work output that matters, but how we work and how we treat people is important as well. 

What motivates you to go above and beyond within your department/unit?

I work with the most wonderful team of dedicated staff members, that are supportive and challenge each other to be better every day. We are given room to be silly and creative which allows us to bring all our talents to the table to accomplish great work together and make a difference where we can.

What work/professional accomplishment are you most proud of over the past year?

I finished the comprehensive exam for my PhD program this year! That was a very demanding process, and I am very proud of myself for completing it. 

What do you enjoy most about working for the college/university?

The College of Medicine is filled with incredible people, interesting research and occasionally the most unexpected challenges to tackle. There is never a dull moment here!

You're a research impact analyst in OVDR. Could you sum up your role in 1-2 sentences? 

My primary role is in reporting research data in the College of Medicine. I prepare reports, collate data and provided analyses to support decision making.