Helen Chang (Submitted photo)
Helen Chang (Submitted photo)

Women in Leadership: Helen Chang

As a key administrative leader in Regina, Dr. Helen Chang (MD) describes how COVID-19 has impacted the workplace, and the importance of supporting individuals with respect.

March 8 is recognized as International Women’s Day, and the theme for 2021 is, “Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world."

Taking our cue on that theme, we are profiling women in leadership at the College of Medicine, selecting from a variety of positions, including learners, staff, faculty, and senior administration.

What is your current position and/or leadership role/title?

  • Faculty Development Lead, Regina
  • Sensitive Exam Training Associate Program Lead, Regina

Describe one barrier you experienced, and something that helped you overcome that (or another) barrier, in your journey to leadership?

I have been very much encouraged and supported in taking on leadership roles at the College of Medicine.  The first barrier to leadership can be trust in your own belief that you can become a leader.

How do you think COVID19 has affected women's progress in your field or the workplace in general?

Covid has affected everyone’s progress, but many women have a heavier balance of home life and child care, and thus face the challenge of a more trying work day followed by caring for stressed-out partners, families, children studying at home, elderly parents needing care, and everyone generally requiring a little extra TLC to cope. On the other hand, women can be excellent communicators able to reach out in new ways and face new challenges with determination.

What advice would you have for people (of any gender) in leadership who wish to be allies in advancing women in the workplace?

Women have a lot to offer, both as individuals and through their ability to support each other. Every person, of any gender, deserves to be treated with understanding & respect.


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