Emergency medicine associate professor Dr. Brent Thoma (MD) is the founder and CEO of CanadiEM.org, a virtual community for emergency medical practitioners.

Do serious doctors tweet?

Whether it's a blog, a podcast, a wiki, a tweet, or an infographic, a growing number of doctors now turn online when they need answers.


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For the past five years, Dr. Brent Thoma has pioneered literature and research supporting the use of free, open-access, and high-quality resources for medical education. 

Thoma specializes in emergency medicine and trauma, and he's the founder and CEO of CanadiEM.org, a virtual community for emergency medical practitioners which now garners millions of annual page views.

“I think we’re really elevating our game in medical education, because these resources are available from such exceptional educators and researchers,” Thoma said.

In this episode of Researchers Under the Scope, Thoma lays out the risks and rewards of moving translational medical educational documents from textbooks to the online world. He also explains how both doctors and laypeople can spot false and misleading information.

Thoma said the Covid-19 pandemic has given clinicians and researchers a sense of urgency in debunking the proliferation of false and misleading medical statements on social media.

“If we’re not at the table and having some of these conversations and sharing high quality resources and work, we’re just going to get drowned out," he said.

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