Adam Neufeld is the driving force behind PULSE, a mentorship program that matches first and second-year students outside the classroom.

PULSE: Peers share knowledge and give back in new mentorship program

The realization that students at different points in their medical training have a great deal to teach each other, and learn from each other, led Adam Neufeld to develop an innovative project designed not only to connect students in the U of S College of Medicine but ultimately, to improve patient care wherever they end up practicing.

By Colleen MacPherson for the Saskatchewan Medical Association

Neufeld, who is in his third year of medical education, is the driving force behind PULSE — Peers United in Leadership and Skills Enhancement — which began this fall offering opportunities for first- and second-year students to mentor each other outside the classroom setting. The idea grew out of Neufeld's own experience in his first two years, when he said he felt "disconnected from students in other years. Unless you knew somebody personally ... it was difficult to actually build relationships and I felt like those are really beneficial."

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