"My education at USask was a period of intense growth for me in terms of knowledge, maturity and life direction," says Jacques Laniece. Photo: Chris Putnam

Physiology and pharmacology student to receive three convocation awards

When Jacques Laniece found out he would receive three top prizes during the upcoming University of Saskatchewan (Usask) convocation, he felt “completely overwhelmed with joy, pride and excitement.”

“I rushed to inform my parents and closest friends, and I have been treasuring their reactions and the pride they show for me,” he said. “I felt—and feel—so incredibly honoured to receive these awards. It feels like the perfect materialization of all the hard work I have put in the last four years.”

The College of Arts and Science student will receive the Earl of Bessborough Prize in Science, the Jack Miller Bursary in Physiology and Pharmacology and the Governor General’s Silver Medal during spring 2019 convocation.

“The best part about studying in the College of Arts and Science was the freedom I had with my electives and the amount of electives I could take,” said Laniece. “I really enjoyed experiencing a wide range of classes completely unrelated to my major, from Spanish to music theory to computer science to philosophy. I extracted a surprising amount of valuable knowledge from each elective class I took, and I don’t believe I could have taken them all had I been in a different college.”

Laniece, who will receive a Bachelor of Science degree in physiology and pharmacology, financed his education through scholarships and by working two—and, at one point, three—part-time jobs. The former gymnast did this while maintaining excellent grades, an active social life, playing classical acoustic guitar, participating in sports and volunteering for several local organizations.

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