Dr. Marilyn Baetz (MD'93, FRCPC'98) started her new role as Vice-Dean Faculty Engagement on Nov. 1. She is looking forward to meeting with clinicans, teachers and researchers from across the province to learn about their work.

Meet the new Vice-Dean Faculty Engagement

Serving as a liaison between the College of Medicine and all faculty, Dr. Marilyn Baetz (MD’93, FRCPC’98) is already a leader in both the academic and clinical worlds.

By Kristen McEwen

Baetz understands that the foundation of engagement is relationships and leadership involves a key quality – listening.

“I care about people and am interested to know what motivates them and what might be the barriers they experience in their work,” Baetz said. “Sometimes I can help, sometimes I may not be able to – but I can always listen and try to advocate or make connections.”

In her new role, Baetz is looking forward to meeting with clinicians, teachers and researchers from across the province to learn about their work.

“I want to understand what is needed to continue to provide excellent teaching to our learner colleagues, contribute to research, innovation and quality improvement, and enhance their career development and well-being,” she said.

Baetz is a USask alumna, having received all of her post-secondary education and training at on campus. She has also worked within the College of Medicine for the past 20 years.

Baetz has had experience from a provincial perspective having served on the Provincial Practitioner Advisory Committee for the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA).  She has served on many clinical and academic committees including the Senior Leadership Council for the College of Medicine.

“My experience with the health authority and college committees has allowed me to meet many great leaders across the province,” Baetz said. “Working with leaders, I know and understand that the university and health system can help to facilitate the integration of both clinical and academic needs of learners, practicing physicians and all faculty.”

Baetz is joining the College of Medicine’s senior leadership team from her former position as provincial head for the Department of Psychiatry.

“I have great loyalty to this province and the College of Medicine. In addition to my prairie roots, I know that the cyclical nature of medical education builds strong working relationships between our junior and senior colleagues and this is how we will continue to meet the health needs of our people in the future,” Baetz said.

“I have great colleagues – many of whom I have known since medical school days – who share the same desire, to do the best we can for our patients and to make the province proud of our college.”