The Indigenous Wellness program is an online self-directed program comprised of two courses, "Role of Practitioners in Indigenous Wellness" and "Building Awareness of Cultural Humility."

College staff to learn about Indigenous stories and experiences with health care system

College of Medicine personnel are now taking part in an online course to learn about creating a culturally safe environment for Indigenous people.

The self-directed course, Building Awareness of Cultural Humility, was developed from the successful Role of Practitioners in Indigenous Wellness program, designed for health care professionals, such as physicians, clinicians, physical therapists and nurses.

Content for both of these courses is based on health care experiences of members of the Indigenous community, scholars and leaders, and how these experiences impacted individuals and communities’ health and well-being.

The program has been developed by the Division of Continuing Medical Education (CME) and Continuing Physical Therapy Education (CPTE), with assistance from the Canadian Medical Protective Association.

The College of Medicine is proud to offer Building Awareness of Cultural Humility in partnership with CME and CPTE as a commitment to indigenization.

The college is supporting all staff members to take the course in a staggered enrolment over the next two years.  

Learn more about the Indigenous Wellness program.

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