Patient Family Advisor, Terri Hansen-Gardiner shares her story at SCPOR’s speed-networking event. Photo by Chris Plishka

How a three minute conversation can launch a research collaboration

Researchers and patients recently gathered at a speed-networking event hosted by the Saskatchewan Centre for Patient-Oriented Research. In Patient-oriented research – or POR – patients collaborate as partners with researchers on projects.

By Farha Ahktar

Terri Hansen-Gardiner, a patient navigator has driven seven hours from her home in Île-à-laCrosse in North-Western Saskatchewan to attend a patient-oriented research event held at the University of Saskatchewan. The room is buzzing with conversation. Sixty people have registered for the event hosted by the Saskatchewan Centre for Patient-Oriented Research (SCPOR). The room is filled to capacity. Half of those in attendance are patients.

The event begins. Hansen-Gardiner is introduced to the audience and asked to join a panel discussion with a researcher she works with, Dr. Gary Groot, a surgical oncologist and community-based health researcher based out of the College of Medicine.

Hansen-Gardiner takes to the podium and quips, “You know, they call me the Indian Oprah!”

It is the perfect, light-hearted start to an evening of engaging, and insightful conversation.

Read more at SCPOR's website. Farha Ahktar is a communications specialist at SCPOR.