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Another great year for CoMRAD funding

$870,000 in research funding awarded to faculty

The annual College of Medicine Research Awards (CoMRAD) had another banner year – helping to fund an impressive 33 research projects.

Open to all faculty at the CoM, the awards help to provide seed-funding to new projects in the hopes of facilitating future applications for external funding opportunities. Thanks to generous endowments in addition to College funds, the OVDR was to fund the selected projects at a total of $870,000 – $120,000 over the 2017-2018 projected budget.

“CoMRAD was designed to help our faculty to be competitive in provincial and national grant competitions,” explained Dr. Marek Radomski, the vice-dean of research. “To date, we have funded 61 faculty with close to 1.5 million dollars.  I am looking forward to learning about our research successes.”

Another highlight from the project this year was that early career faculty had a success rate of 85 per cent, which is reflective not only of the impressive breadth of research being undertaken across-the-board at the College, but supportive of one of the main focuses of the CoMRAD’s – supporting early career faculty in the growth of their research.

A total of 47 applications were received by the committee, which were then ranked by 35 adjudicators on five separate committees.

All 2016 recipients will be celebrated at the first ever CoMRAD Symposium this coming November.


Principal Investigator


Project Name

Shahid Ahmed

Oncology / Radiology

Role of individualized intervention(s) on quality of life and adherence to adjuvant endocrine therapy in premenopausal women with early-stage breast cancer: MyChoice

Terra Arnason

Department of Medicine

Longitudinal microarchitectural changes of bone in hyperthyroid patients

Lloyd Balbuena


Is smoking a suicide prevention target?

Brenna Bath

Physical Therapy

Informing development of an interprofessional northern spine clinic

Lane Bekar


Modeling late-onset neurodegeneration in wild-type mice using common lifestyle stressors

Francisco Cayabyab


Therapeutic potential of low-field magnetic stimulation in stroke

Linda Chelico

Microbiology & Immunology

Role of APOBEC3 deoxycytidine deaminases in somatic mutagenesis

Kash Desai


Can arginine be developed as a clinically useful preventive against methylglyoxal-induced pathology?

Humphrey Fonge

Medical Imaging

Multi-functional anti-EGFR immunoconjugate as a theranostic

Jonathan Gamble


Do infusion pumps prevent the over-administration of intravenous fluid in pediatric dental surgeries?

John Gordon

Department of Medicine

Regulatory dendritic cell therapy for multiple sclerosis

Lori Hanson

Community Health and Epidemiology

Consolidating perspectives on the nature of Saskatoon's evolving opioid crisis

Troy Harkness

Anatomy & Cell Biology

Anaphase promoting complex activity plays a vital anticancer function for cells and organisms

Richard Huntsman


The prevalence of prenatal exposure to Cannabis: A proof of principle study

Kerri Kobryn

Microbiology & Immunology

Role of the helicase activity of B. burgdorferi's telomere resolvase

Lixin Liu


The role of LSP1 in endothelium-dependent regulation of arterial vascular tone and systemic blood pressure

Erique Lukong


Role of BRK in tamoxifen-resistant breast cancers

Yigang Luo


Normothermic kidney preservation for transplantation

Steven Machtaler

Medical Imaging

Molecular imaging of inflammatory bowel disease with MRI: Modifying microbubbles to be a MR-compatible vascular contrast agent

Darrell Mousseau


Using pH-sensitive probes to monitor flipping behaviour of the mitochondrial MAO protein

Haron Obaid

Medical Imaging

Development and evaluation of a robotic ultrasound imaging system for musculoskeletal imaging to increase access to care for rural and remote populations

Lissa Peeling


Clot analyses in acute ischemic stroke

Shaquil Peermohamed

Department of Medicine

Impact of a novel, antimicrobial stewardship mobile application on antimicrobial usage in Saskatoon Health Region

Bhanu Prasad

Department of Medicine

Prairie loin pain hematuria study: Renal denervation for management of patients with loin pain hematuria syndrome

Alan Rosenberg


DNA-collagen interactions: Towards elucidating Lupus pathogenesis

Anurag Saxena

Pathology and Lab Medicine

Improving learning culture in surgical programs in Saskatchewan

Changiz Taghibiglou


Cellular prion protein (PrPC)-dependent brain insulin resistance: A missing molecular link between traumatic brain injury (TBI) and neurodegenerative diseases

Brent Thoma

Emergency Medicine

Comparing multi-source competency-based assessments in a simulation-based resuscitation skills training program

Susara van der Spuy

Physical Therapy

Improving function of deconditioned older adults: Sit-to-stand training

Franco Vizeacoumar

Oncology / Radiology

Overcoming therapeutic drug resistance in human breast cancer

Yuliang Wu


KH Domain: Its Role in Helicases and as a Potential Target for Breast Cancer

Yanbo Zhang


Double-blind proof-of-concept trial of intermittent theta burst low field magnetic stimulation augmentation of antidepressant therapy in treatment-resistant depression

Audrey Zucker-Levin

Physical Therapy

Neuroplasticity and function in amputees



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