Dr. Katherine Knox is one of two U of S researchers awarded funding from the MS Society of Canada.
Dr. Katherine Knox is one of two U of S researchers awarded funding from the MS Society of Canada.

Two of three MS national wellness research grants awarded to U of S

Two U of S multiple sclerosis (MS) researchers have each been awarded $40,000 to assess novel approaches to physical exercise in helping people with MS

“With two of the Hermès Canada | MS Society Wellness Research Innovation Grants being awarded to researchers at the U of S, we see how MS research within the province continues to grow,” said Erin Kuan, president of Manitoba and Saskatchewan divisions of the MS Society of Canada. “Providing opportunities and funding for researchers—from students to lead investigators—is something we are proud to support.”

While research suggests exercise can be beneficial to overall health for people with MS and may even help ease symptoms, respondents to the MS Society’s 2015 MS Wellness Survey of 1,000 people affected by MS across Canada called for more evidence on the impact of exercise on MS symptoms, and addressing barriers to improving levels of exercise among people with MS.

Through the generous support of Hermès Canada, the funding from these wellness grants encourages research collaborations between academic and community partners, as well as translation of research findings into wellness solutions for people affected by MS.

“We know that using wellness strategies to improve overall quality of life is increasingly important to people impacted by MS,” said Jennifer Carter, CEO and president of Hermès Canada. “We are gratified to help support projects that will increase our understanding about the types of exercise that can improve function for those with MS, and improve accessibility of physical activity programs for those who reside in rural areas or who are limited by disability and other challenges.”

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