New vice-dean research brings enthusiasm

A passion and love for research make Dr. Marek Radomski the perfect person to fill the role of the vice-dean of research

By Marg Sheridan

Despite not having yet stepped into his new role as the College of Medicine’s new vice-dean of research, Dr. Marek Radomski has happily watched his calendar fill with meetings and events.

“I’m excited that people are being extremely proactive,” Radomski said with a laugh. “I have received a number of invitations already!”

Has someone warned him that that’s not likely to slow down once he’s settled into his new office?

Radomski, who was until recently the Chair of Pharmacology and a Professor at Trinity College at the University of Dublin, is looking forward to tackling the challenges that come with the position – and it helps that he’s excited to join a school that has such research potential.

“When I looked at the college during the interview process it really occurred to me that there is great research potential in the college, and in Saskatchewan,” Radomski explained regarding his decision to move back to Canada. “There’s (potential in) basic research, clinical research, and also when it comes to research and development.

“I hope I can use my experience to become useful when it comes to stimulating the research.”

His return to Canada, where Radomski has previously worked with the University of Alberta between 1994 and 2002, also involved a more personal draw.

“I was born Polish, but I accepted Canadian citizenship in 1999, and I feel passionately about being Canadian,” he continued. “Working abroad was a great experience, but coming to Canada has been on the top of my priorities.”

And there’s also the fact that when he left Canada 14 years ago to work overseas, his daughter – who currently lives in Toronto with his grandchildren – remained. And his return to Canada has already allowed Radomski time to visit them before he continue onward to Saskatoon.

“You can imagine the pull that they have on me!”

As for the work, he’s already outlined several first steps he’s hoping to focus on once he’s settled into his role with the college – namely figuring out the research strengths at the CoM, and touching base with the researchers he’ll be helping support.

“To really understand where we are when it comes to the research, excellence, problems, prospects, and challenges – all of these will need to be looked at,” Radomski explained. “And I am sure that my colleagues would be able to help me, and I want to meet with every researcher, as well as groups and teams, to understand the strengths of the research within the college, which will be my own discovery phase so to speak.”

One thing that comes across clearly when talking to Radomski is the passion he himself has for research – it’s a theme he often repeats with an enthusiasm that’s clear even during a brief conversation about his new position.

 “I’m enthused by the idea that research is fun, and all my life research has been a challenge, but fun,” he continued with a laugh. “I love it, so I hope to project my very positive feelings and my love of research as a way of life to anyone who would like to join me on this road.

“As you can see there will not be a shortage of challenges, but I am looking forward to all of them.”

Radomski will be joining the College of Medicine as the vice-dean of research on March 14, 2016.