CaRMS matches a success

With the CaRMS results in, the CoM is basking in some great first-round results

With another Canadian Resident Matching Service (CaRMS) match-day in the books, the College of Medicine is proud to extend a big congratulations to all our students who will be commencing their residency shortly – whether they’re remaining at the University of Saskatchewan, or moving across the country.

A total of 93 of our students are set to graduate from the MD program this year, and their entry into post-graduate studies started with this day — learning where they will make their first foray into their chosen specialty. Of 96 applicants, 86 of our students have been matched in this first-round iteration.

A total of 50 matched students will remain in Saskatchewan, while 36 students will be headed to universities across the country including the University of British Columbia (8), University of Toronto (6), and the University of Alberta (5).

“Outside of the successes specific to our students’ residency placements, the CoM is excited to announce that all of our 40 family medicine resident positions have been filled,” revealed dean Preston Smith. “This is significant, given that 120 of the remaining 213 first-round vacancies across the country are within the family medicine program.

“It highlights our success in training family medicine practitioners to ultimately improve health care services across the province, including rural and remote areas.”

The only other Canadian university to fill their family medicine residency vacancies in the first round is Queen’s University

Students graduating with MD degrees must complete two-to-five years of postgraduate medical education training (residency) before they become eligible to receive a full license to practice medicine. There is a defined number of residency positions available in Canada, and MD graduates compete against their peers to secure a position in their preferred specialty.


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