A big thanks to our residents

Resident Awareness Week is nearly over, but our thanks extend to all 52 weeks a year our residents help make a difference in their communities

Courtesy of Resident Doctors of Canada, 2016. www.residentdoctors.ca
Courtesy of Resident Doctors of Canada, 2016. www.residentdoctors.ca

The College of Medicine, and dean Preston Smith, feel more than just pride when it comes to discussing our 400+ residents - there's a strong sense of gratitude that comes from knowing that these students won't just be making a difference in the future, but that they're helping to make one right now. And while the resident program hasn't always been a part of medical training, it's definitely boon for faculty, students, and patients alike explains Smith.

"My path to the dean’s office started by taking residents into my family practice in Moncton in the 1990’s. The Family Medicine residency program hadn’t become standard while I was in school, so I hadn’t had the opportunity to experience it the way our residents now get to – but those eight years as the site director working with these residents was one of the most fun parts of my career. And those resident didn’t just make an impression on me, but they were well-loved by the patients who appreciated the hard work, focus, and the enthusiasm they brought to the clinic every day.

And that’s one of the charms of the residency program – not only is the experience invaluable to the residents themselves, but they make a great impact on the patients they work with.”

So as Resident Awareness Week draws to a close, we'd all like to take this opportunity to thank our residents for their hard work, dedication, and the energy they bring every day.

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