Your personal academic schedules and assessment tools are available through One45. In One45 you can:

  • Review personal academic schedules
  • Track attendance for academic sessions
  • Review handouts and links for: Program, Phase, Course, Session, and/or Rotation
  • Upload handouts for assigned teaching sessions in Phases A-C
  • Review objectives for: Program, Phase, Course, Session, and Rotation
  • Complete assigned learner and academic session assessment forms
  • Distribute assessment forms to learners

Accessing Curriculum Information, Schedules, & Objectives

One45 is used to manage UGME curriculum, schedules, and associated objectives.  The ability to view objectives, overall schedules, and curriculum information is available to anyone without requiring a One45 account.  The entire database of UGME curriculum information, schedules, and objectives can be accessed through the link below:

One45 Curriculum Objectives, Schedules, and Information

Access to learning materials, handouts, personal schedules, and the ability to do more than just view information requires logging in to your personal One45 account.  Be sure to contact your education program's administrative support if additional access is required.