Pre-Med help and mentorship

Aboriginal Student Mentorship Program

Spend either a half or full day with a physician while meeting medical students, doctors, and other health care workers. Contact Valerie Arnault-Pelletier, College of Medicine Aboriginal Coordinator, for more information.

Aboriginal, Rural and Remote Health Group

This student-led group organizes mentorship and outreach activities.

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Pre-Med Club

The U of S Pre-Med Club is a campus club whose goal is to help students prepare for all aspects of medical school applications. Each year, they offer a range of preparatory and informative sessions such as mock MCATs, MCAT info sessions, MMI prep groups, a mock MMI, a medical school applications crash course, a volunteer opportunities info session and much more. A club membership also gains students a discount with one of the PMC’s partner MCAT prep companies.

For more information, please contact them by email at or via Facebook, U of S Pre Med Club.

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Tuition, fees, expenses

The fees and expenses below are in addition to tuition and full-time student fees. Some expenses are estimates.

Fee or expenseYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4
Student Medical Society Fees 300.00 - - -
College of Physicians & Surgeons Fees - 20.00 - -
SMA-CMA Fees 17.00 17.00 17.00 17.00
LMCC Fees - - - 700.00
CARMs Fee (including travel) - - - 5,000.00
Criminal Record and Vulnerable Sector Check Fee 70.00 - - -
Books 1,500.00 1,700.00 1,500.00 1,400.00
Equipment (ACLS & Fit Testing) 3,250.00 150.00 700.00 -
Professional clothing 1,000.00 500.00 500.00 1,000.00
Electives - - 4,000.00 4,000.00
Rotations Outside Saskatoon - - 1,500.00 1,500.00
Travel (local) 700.00 700.00 800.00 800.00


Pre-Med awards for Aboriginal students

These awards are open to students of Aboriginal ancestry who are continuing students (beyond first year of a program) registered in a minimum of 24 credit units (September-April) working towards a Baccalaureate degree in a bona fide four-year baccalaureate degree program at an accredited Saskatchewan post-secondary institution, as determined by the College of Medicine Admissions Office and the Award Committee.

Awards search for current students

Search tips:

  • Enter "Aboriginal" as a keyword to find awards for Aboriginal students.
  • Many awards are not college-specific. Don't restrict yourself to searching only for Medicine awards.


Saskatoon, Regina, Prince Albert

Your first year as an MD student will be in Saskatoon. Your later years provide opportunities for training in Saskatoon, Regina or Prince Albert.

Aboriginal Health electives in Fort Qu'Appelle and Whitecap Dakota First Nation

Two electives in Aboriginal Health that blend Western and Indigenous healing are available. These electives give you the opportunity to work with Elders, Healers, or a Woman’s Helper. You may also go off-site to assist in clinical care in surrounding First Nations communities.

Inner city, Northern, and global opportunities

Making the Links - Certificate in Global Health is an accredited program for first-year MD students that focuses on preparation for work with marginalized under-served communities locally and globally.


Get an overview of the curriculum in the MD program, including program objectives, 2+2 curriculum, and aboriginal health opportunities.