Brianna Andrews
Medicine/ Nephrology
Development of an Organ Donation and Transplantation Pathway of Excellence for Medical Students: Step 1, A Needs Assessment of Patients, Donor, and Families

Muaaz Asghar
Rate of Pediatric Stridor Presentation in the Emergency Department: Effect of COVID-19 

Iqbal Azhar 
Postgraduate Medical Education
Evaluation of the Quality Referral and Consultation Education (QRCE) Curriculum at the University of Saskatchewan


Osman Badawi 
The Effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Neck Abscess Admissions: A Retrospective Chart Review


Jordan Bairos 
Anatomy, Physiology, and Pharmacology
Investigating Whether Hepatic Lipid Droplet Cholesterol Crystals Cause MASH
Alexandre Belisle
Optimizing E-Prescribing in Saskatchewan: An Analysis and Improvement Initiative
Maya Berscheid
Rehabilitation Science
CanBestMS: Canadian Multiple Sclerosis Rehabilitation Best Practice Guidelines
Indiana Best
Night-time noise levels and patients' sleep experiences on ward units throughout Royal University Hospital, Saskatoon, SK
Travis Black 
Emergency Medicine
Perspectives and Experiences of Older Adults in RUH Emergency Department 
Max Bodnarchuk
Combining nebulized hypertonic saline with menthol and TRPV4 agonists to improve airway mucociliary clearance
Samantha Bundus
Comparing the diagnostic profile of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder in southern Saskatchewan with other prairie provinces using our CanFASD national database
Uday Chhina
Can brain organoids support a diagnosis of late-onset Alzheimer disease?
Annaka Chorneyko
Assessing the influence of shoulder arthritis on upper limb motion during functional activities
Michelle Desjarlais
Measure of surgical time when comparing salpingectomy during cesarean delivery with traditional method versus with advanced energy device

Kate DeVito-Porter
Emergency Medicine
A retrospective evaluation of phenobarbital versus benzodiazepine monotherapy for alcohol withdrawal syndrome in the emergency department (the PHENOBENZ-RETRO study)


Genevieve Dietrich
Perinatal outcomes associated with placental growth factor (PLGF) assessed in pregnant patients less than 20 weeks gestation in a population with high prevalence of diabetes
Sarah Durr
Asking the Parents: Implementing a Pediatric Patient feedback form in Medical Learner’s Clinical Sessions
Chase Ellingson
Seismocardiogram-derived hemodynamics of patients presenting to the cardiac catheterization laboratory
Kevin Entwistle
Community Health and Epidemiology/ Saskatchewan Population Health and Evaluation Research Unit
Build Back Better (BBB) & TRUST projects
Laraib Fatima
Predicting Hypertension by Twenty Years Postpartum: Validation of Risk Factors
Saidee Fooks
Internal Medicine/ Cardiology
The effect of attending cardiac rehabilitation on quality of life in patients receiving transcatheter aortic valve implants (TAVI)
Omar Hafez
Retrospective Analysis of Metastatic EGFR Mutant Lung Cancer Patient Outcomes in the Province of Saskatchewan
Kenzie Halter
Community Health and Epidemiology
Free transportation for rural health: An impact evaluation of the Kikinahk Free Bus service in La Ronge
Kishore Hari
Continuing Medical Education
Assessing International Medical Graduate (IMG) Proficiency in Procedural Skills During a 12-Week Clinical Field Assessment
Brooke Heinbigner
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Defining the Grey Zone in Homologous Recombinant Testing in Ovarian Cancer - Using Bioinformatics to Determine Response to Precision Medicine
Tauqeer Iftikhar
Medical Imaging
Using Large Language Models to Assess Narrative Feedback Quality in Medical Education
Hasan Jamil
Medical Imaging
Climate-Conscious Radiology: Assessing Radiologists’ Knowledge and Mitigating Carbon Footprint Through Remote Technologies
Abby Jia
Patients’ perspectives of home and in-centre hemodialysis and factors influencing dialysis choices: A Saskatchewan population-based prospective cohort study
Ali Khan
Presentation and clinical outcomes in AL amyloidosis patients diagnosed in Saskatchewan: A population-based cohort study
Valiyah Khurshid
Continuing Medical Education
Assessing Criteria for International Medical Graduate (IMG) Selection and Practice Readiness in Rural Saskatchewan: A Survey-Based Investigation of Faculty Assessors and Rural Physician Leaders
Jess Klaassen-Wright
The Perioperative Experience of Patients Undergoing Gender Affirmation Surgery in Saskatchewan
Lorynn Labbie
Canadian Aortopathy and Connective Tissues Disorder (Can-ACT) Registry
Mignon Le Roux
Community Health and Epidemiology/ Saskatchewan Population Health and Evaluation Research Unit
Social Trust Dynamics in Public Health: A Mixed-Methods Study on COVID-19 Responses
Amy Li
Differences in In-Hospital Management and Outcomes of Patients with Acute Heart Failure: A Saskatchewan Population-based Retrospective Cohort Study
Wilson Li
Family Medicine
Primary Care, Second Language Podcast Project Phase 2
Jing Liu
Pathology and Lab Medicine
Enhance the Identification of Potential Immunological Mismatches in Kidney Transplantation by Using Computational Algorithm
Kyle Luo
Medical Imaging
Evaluating the incidence and severity of nephrotoxicity associated with platinum-based chemotherapy in cancer patients treated in Saskatchewan
Wardah Mahmood
Assessing Contraception Access and Utilization Across Saskatchewan: A Comprehensive Survey and Analysis
Samantha Mannala
Community Health and Epidemiology
Responding to anti-Black racism at the College of Medicine through Advocacy
Sonya Mannala
Role of Individualized Intervention(s) on Quality of Life and Adherence to Adjuvant Endocrine Therapy in Premenopausal Women with Early-Stage Breast Cancer: MyChoice Study
Mahrukh Masood
Health outcome of young children born to antenatal COVID-19 positive mothers
Jade Ong-Tone
The Misunderstood Anesthesiologist: A Prospective Cohort Study Comparing the Effectiveness of Educational Media in Preoperative Assessment Clinics
Meet Patel
Medical Imaging
Harnessing AI for Enhanced Disease Screening in CT Imaging
Tanish Patel
Emergency Medicine
Every Second Counts: Quantifying how much time Emergency Physicians spend on electronic medical records
Jacob Pilon
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Determining PCR performance for detection of Staphylococcus aureus Small Colony Variants
Elizabeth Pywell
Critical Care
Palliative care utilization near the end of life in critically ill patients
Noor Rehman
Evaluation of Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Screening and Management of Glucocorticoid-Induced Osteoporosis
Sabahat Saeed
Cost improvement and environmental protection related to outpatient department surgery vs. operating room surgery
Rayan Shafi
Assessing the Impact of HIV CME on Primary Care Practices in Saskatchewan
M. Abdullah Shafiq
Understanding the high mortality rate in adults with congenital heart disease who require a heart transplant
Muhammad Abdullah Shakeel
Quality of care assessments of patients with intracerebral hemorrhage presenting to the stroke unit
Sanskriti Shrestha
Anatomy, Physiology, and Pharmacology
Cholinergic receptor profiling in lung cancer brain metastasis
Shawn Silver
Medicine/ Anaesthesia
Critical Care Medicine Quality Improvement - Asking Questions that Inform Practice
Kailee Skinner
Ergonomic Risk of Ultrasonography by Veterinary Radiologists
Syed Subhan
Feeding difficulties in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Natisha Thakkar
Cost-effectiveness analysis of different techniques of salpingectomy during cesarean delivery in Regina

Michael Thorpe
Do gait changes from vascular claudication revert to normal after endovascular or open revascularization of the lower extremities?
Terri Thunder
ācimok: Using Story to Improve Wrap-around Supports for Patients with Infective Endocarditis (a MENDO project)
Nima Toussi
Triple Negative Breast Cancer patients in Saskatchewan - A retrospective study to improve patient outcomes
Rishi Vakulabharanam
Can bispectral index be used as a rapid tool for measuring patient cognition and frailty before surgery?
Hannah Verity
Do shoulder kinematics change over time in people with rotator cuff disease?
Eric Wang
Pathology and Lab Medicine
Eplet Mismatches in Organ Transplantation: Bridging the Knowledge Gap
Renae Wenzel
Emergency Medicine
Perspectives and Experiences of Older Adults in the RUH Emergency Room
Tayah (Xinyi) Zhang
School of Rehabilitation Science
Needs Assessment of Neuropathic Pain Management in First Nation and Métis Peoples in Saskatchewan

Zili Zhou
Medical Imaging
Radiologist-AI Interaction in Medical Imaging