The Respiratory Research Centre will: 

  1. Build knowledge and understanding of respiratory health and well-being across the life span and within at-risk groups, using patient/person, family, population-health, and ‘One Health’ focused approaches;
  2. Enable and undertake interdisciplinary and intersectoral research in the respiratory field addressing chronic respiratory conditions, including their prevention;
  3. Develop and evaluate innovative approaches to health care design and delivery for persons with respiratory illness and disease that also optimize health and well-being, are attentive to healthcare system expenditure and value, support quality improvement, and acknowledge public and professional educational needs and perspectives;
  4. Ensure meaningful application of research findings using an integrated knowledge translation approach, utilizing and coordinating the activities of the RRC with UofS students and faculty, other universities/institutions, government, private industry, health regions and care delivery systems, the Saskatchewan Health Quality Council, First Nations, national and international professional societies, and others. 

See our 2017 - 2018 Annual Report here.