[Note: Elements of the Research Section still under construction]

Faculty development offers supports, courses and resources to help you develop research skills for medical education research and clinical research.


creo™ is an online learning tool that delivers research education in a straight forward and easy-to-digest way guiding the learner through the step-wise process of developing a research project.




The Gwenna Moss Centre

The Gwenna Moss Centre regularly offers course on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, writing retreats and help with manuscript writing and more

Through the CoM Research office there is research support offered. Facilitator's Guide ???

For a handout on developing Research Questions using PICOT and FINER Click Here.
Research metrics measure the impact of scholarly works. Various metrics have been developed to track the impact of individual articles, authors, and journals.

The Research Metrics guide will introduce you to many of these measures and how to apply them to your work.


Library Support

The University Library collaborates with researchers through our Liaison Librarian Program, by providing information resources and research tools and facilitating scholarly communication.

IT supports for Research

Includes Access to software  such as  NVivo, R project Statistical Computing, SAS, SPSS and Stata.

Sign up at UnivRS at  All research projects have to be entered into this system.

QI / system improvement

To connect with the Health Quality Council go to offering excellent programs to develop QI skills for SK health care.

Greg’s story at; can be a powerful story for needed systems change.

Choosing Wisely in SK – is coordinated through the Health Quality Council.

Online options

RIME  (Research in Medical Education ) information is available through AMEE