Surgical Skills E-book

Surgical Skills and Clinical Procedures Curriculum - A clinical procedure guide to assist faculty in teaching clinical procedures to family medicine residents using a systematic and standardise approach to instruction.

Can be used by residents as a guide to prepare and review the procedures prior to the procedural skills sessions and expect to acquire the expected competencies across different learning settings.

Vasquez Camargo A, Rocha Michaels C. Surgical Skills and Clinical Procedures Curriculum, Regina (SK): Department of Academic Family Medicine, University of Saskatchewan; 2022. 142 p.

Being a family doctor in Saskatchewan

In Saskatchewan there are multiple employment opportunities for you, ranging from running your own clinic to salaried positions with the Saskatchewan Health Authority. You can work anywhere in the province and are not limited by "caps" on licenses and privileges. You can work urban, rural, or remote.

Visit Saskdocs if you are interested in seeing what's posted publicly, though not all family medicine positions (such as some privately-run clinics) are advertised there.

Training in Saskatchewan

The main attraction to residency in Saskatchewan is the small size of the program. Saskatchewan FM Residents don't feel that they have to stand in line for clinical exposure, or to do any procedures. Faculty-to-learner rations are excellent, and residents enjoy the support of a close-knit community. 

For more information about family medicine training in Saskatchewan click here.