About Us

Department of Academic Family Medicine 

Training the doctor who specializes in you

Welcome to the Department of Academic Family Medicine.

Our goal is to play a central role in optimizing health for, and with, Saskatchewan communities, families, and individuals. We strive to do this by demonstrating excellence and innovation in service, education, and scholarly activity.

Throughout the Province, department members serve as broad scope generalists working across practice settings, while developing additional skills to meet the needs of the communities they serve. Our team is developing new knowledge and working to improve quality of care, serving as teachers and leaders within the education programs of the College of Medicine.

As a Department, we are all working to identify, acknowledge and address the inequities embedded in the culture and delivery of health care. We continue to learn about our true history, acknowledging past and current injustices and work to build better relationships with First Nation and Métis people as partners in their health.  

Our Mission.

Our mission is to create, teach and develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes specific to the discipline of Family Medicine.

  • We will work to optimize health by demonstrating excellence and innovation in service, education and scholarly activity.
  • We will provide university, hospital and community-based education consistent with the principles of Family Medicine.
  • We will focus our efforts on working with communities in response to their health needs. 

Our Values.

As a department, we believe that our daily actions, interactions, and decisions will reflect:

We recognize that all who work in or come into contact with our department have value and dignity. All are worthy of respect.

We believe that our professions, our disciplines, our department, and our programs exist because we genuinely care for those who are in need.

We understand that honesty, diligence and truthfulness underlie all authentic and meaningful human interactions.

Our relationships with learners and with our patients are based upon trust. It is a relationship that is selfless, altruistic, and loyal.

Optimal Health for All
We believe that optimal health enables individuals, families and communities to function to the best of their abilities within their environments. We believe that health care is a fundamental human right.