Why Choose Family Medicine?

Three reasons to choose family medicine

  1. Family Medicine is about range. Family doctors are front-line physicians who see undifferentiated patients; they are generally the first health practitioner that patients seek out when issues arise. Working with interprofessional teams, they provide comprehensive care to their patients - often over the entire life cycle. No day is the same in a full scope family practice. 
  2. Family medicine is community based. Family doctors know their patients better than any other health practitioner and in return patients come to know and trust their family doctor. This relationship is central to the role of family doctors. Family doctors are leaders and advocates - they are researchers, educators and promote quality improvement in all areas of patient health.
  3. Family medicine is versatile. They adapt and change over time, along with the family doctors' interests and preferences. As a family doctor you can choose to be "your own boss", set your own boundaries and determine your own professional path. The opportunity exists to choose the career that feels right for you.

Being a family doctor in Saskatchewan

In Saskatchewan there are multiple employment opportunities for you, ranging from running your own clinic to salaried positions with the Saskatchewan Health Authority. You can work anywhere in the province and are not limited by "caps" on licenses and privileges. You can work urban, rural, or remote.

Visit Saskdocs if you are interested in seeing what's posted publicly, though not all family medicine positions (such as some privately-run clinics) are advertised there.

Training in Saskatchewan

The main attraction to residency in Saskatchewan is the small size of the program. Saskatchewan FM Residents don't feel that they have to stand in line for clinical exposure, or to do any procedures. Faculty-to-learner rations are excellent, and residents enjoy the support of a close-knit community. 

For more information about family medicine training in Saskatchewan click here.