The Research Division was established to build capacity for research and scholarship within the Department of Academic Family Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan. The Research Division is responsible for various aspects of scholarship including the facilitation of the Resident Scholarship Program, co-creating manuscripts with Residents and Faculty, and the co-creation of grant applications as part of a Program of Research, etc. In addition, the Research Division contributes to improved communication and greater collaboration with:
  • Sites/Divisions within the Department of Academic Family Medicine;
  • Departments in the College of Medicine;
  • Colleges at the University of Saskatchewan; and,
  • Patients/individuals, groups, organizations, networks and Universities/Colleges - locally, provincially, nationally and internationally.

Resident Scholarship Day

The Resident Scholarship Program is an integrated component of the Family Medicine Residency Training Program. Both the Standards for Accreditation for Residency Programs in Family Medicine and CanMEDs-FM Framework highlight resident involvement in practice improvement as a key component of maintaining satisfactory levels of scholarly activity within departments of family medicine, as well as the importance of having faculty members facilitate residents’ involvement in such activities.

Practice improvement utilizes quality improvement, practice-level data, and research to continually improve care, the patient experience, efficiencies, and the work experience of healthcare providers.  Achieving these improvements will take the efforts of healthcare professionals, patients and their families, researchers, government, planners and educators. It will take ensuring continuous improvement is a fundamental part of everyone’s job, every day, in all parts of the health system, so that we build a culture where everyone recognizes that in health care, “everyone has two jobs when they come to work every day: to do their work and to improve it.”

32nd Annual Resident Scholarship Day Award Winners:

  1. Best Overall Project sponsored by the Saskatchewan College of Family Physicians went to Sahar Farahmand for the project entitled, Evaluation of Exposure to Procedural Skills in Family Medicine Training.
  2. Quality Improvement Award sponsored by the Department of Academic Family Medicine went to  Meenakshi Gupta, Deena Shah and Nathan Choong for the project entitled the Impact of COVID-19 on Adult Type 2 Diabetic Managment at the North Battleford Medical Clinic.
  3. Knowledge Translation Award sponsored by the Department of Academic Family Medicien went to Ben Roth and Mark Henbid for the project entitled A Geographic Analysis of Youth Contraceptive Use in Prince Albert.
  4. Underserved Population Award sponsored by the Department of Academic Family Medicine went to Natalie Boctor, Caitlyn Davidson Meyer and Heather May for the project entitled Alcohol Related Emergency Department Presentations in a regional Saskatchewan Hospital During the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Examples of Resident Scholarship Projects can be found below in the Abstracts from the past six years of the Annual Resident Scholarship Day, Department of Academic Family Medicine, University of Saskatchewan.

32nd Annual Resident Scholarship Day (2022) Agenda Abstracts
31st Annual Resident Scholarship Day (2021) Agenda  Abstracts
30th  Annual Resident Scholarship Day (2020) No agenda Abstracts
29th Resident Research Day (2019) Agenda Abstracts
28th Resident Research Day (2018) Agenda Abstracts
27th Resident Research Day (2017) Agenda Abstracts

If you are interested in seeing Abstracts from other years, please look in SharePoint where they are all listed in chronological order from the oldest to the newest.  

Faculty Research Day

The Inaugral Faculty Scholarship Day was held on April 2019 in Saskatoon. Examples of Faculty Scholarship Projects can be found below in the Abstract Book:

Faculty Scholarship Poster High Tea 2022 Abstract Book
Inaugral Faculty Research Day 2019 Abstract Book