Undergraduate Academic Advising

It is important that all students at each year of their program plan their course curriculum for the upcoming year in consultation with an academic advisor.

To ensure all degree requirements are met, it is recommended that students book with both an Arts & Science Undergraduate Academic Advisor, as well as a Department Undergraduate Academic Advisor.

Program Requirements

Course and Program Catalogue

The Course and Program Catalogue has the complete and official listing of required classes and their descriptions for this program. It also lists suggested sequence of courses.

Degree Works

Degree Works is a tool you can use to map your degree progress, explore your options, or devise a long-term plan for degree completion.

The Course and Program Catalogue and Degree works are tools you can use but they do not replace face-to-face academic advising.

Graduate Students

Manage your program

Manage your program from beginning to convocation. Make sure you are doing everything you need to do to ensure you graduate within the timeline you are given.