Community Reciprocity Fund





Community Reciprocity Fund



** Please note: at this time special consideration is given to initiatives, groups, coalitions and organizations working with vulnerable communities in response to COVID-19.

The purpose of the Community Reciprocity Fund is to foster and strengthen community-driven, knowledge-based activities which respond to the health needs of Saskatchewan communities. This includes action-oriented strategies on the social determinants of health, health advocacy and the priority health needs of communities.

Partnerships and engagement with local communities are essential strategies for educating health professionals and students about the social determinants of health, advocacy and the needs of communities. This fund was established in part as a response to resource imbalances sometimes experienced in academic-community collaborations.

This funding is intended to be flexible and responsive to the unique needs of each community.

 Eligible expenses include:

  • Professional development training or access to professional services
  • Advocacy work
  • Collaborative work with other community partners or university students/faculty
  • Research, knowledge translation and evaluation
  • Seed funding for project development or to leverage other, larger funds
  • Support to engage people with lived-experience in planning and project initiatives
  • Event organizing and hospitality costs

During the COVID-19 crisis, eligible expenses include material and equipment costs, as well as advocacy or emergency support activities carried out by community-based initiatives, groups and organizations for vulnerable community members.

Who can apply?

The Community Reciprocity Fund is open only to community-located partners, meaning community-based initiatives, groups, coalitions and organizations. Applicants must be located in Saskatchewan. Groups do not need to be a registered charity or non-profit to apply for funding.

Funding Deadline

The Community Reciprocity Fund has a deadline of February 11, 2022. 

Amount of Funding Available

The total amount of funding available per initiative/activity will vary but no award will exceed $2,500.00. Community partners may apply once per funding cycle. The reciprocity fund may also take the form of in-kind support from qualified CoM staff or students, by providing the support of our office to a community event, access to on-campus resources, etc. Please indicate on your application form if you are seeking in-kind support.

How to Apply

Please complete the application form below and submit to

This funding is provided by The Division of Social Accountability (DSA) in the College of Medicine.

For further information contact:





Global Health Travel Award for Community Partners

Please note that in light of the recent COVID-19-related travel restrictions for healthcare workers and learners communicated by the University of Saskatchewan and College of Medicine, we are suspending the Spring 2020 Travel Awards cycle until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. For more information please contact the Global Health Manager, You can find additional updates regarding the impacts for University of Saskatchewan academics and programming here,

This award provides support to community partners affiliated with the College of Medicine who would like to become, or are, engaged in global health service-learning, teaching and research opportunities.

For further information contact: Carlyn Seguin, Global Health Manager, College of Medicine.  306-966-7993.